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Love&Beauty Last Leg :: A BLOG

6-10/12/17 The ego and the cosmic space are incompatible. At least, when the ego is 'a thing'. Something set. When the ego is not a thing, but an ongoing process, it can remain active whilst you are with the cosmic space. Seeing the ego as itself an energy happening allows it to stream with the energy of the cosmos, the One. It was cold, it rained, it snowed, for Mishka coming to pick me up on Sunday it was a 5 hour nightmare - of dense traffic sometimes stationary, so many staus, visibility often of just a few meters in [...]

2017-12-16T12:24:49+00:00 December 16th, 2017|Michael's Blog|0 Comments

Swiss Seminar :: A BLOG

DON'T MISS! Solothurn, 24-26/11/17 After a two-year miss, we were back again there, in Switzerland, thanks to Teresca seizing the initiative to 're-open' that little land in the middle of Western Europe, a country I have lived in several times, and where FOUR of my children and also my grandson, Aranta, were all born, and a country that houses my favourite town in the wide world - Zurich. So I was more than willing. We were back in Solothurn, where I did several groups about 15 years ago, and this seminar was in the same place as they were. It's [...]

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Enlightenment Circle Seminar :: A BLOG

UNACHO, 16-19/11/17 A seminar for seniors - and so it was: deep, potent - and demanding. Exploring the state of Enlightenment, and the way there, methods there, firing shots there, then approaching the target, wholeheartedly, total commitment; most nights lights were out by 21.30. And it was all about Wholeness too, which many in the seminar found. For instance, after a session involving wholeness, that is, the inclusion of All Life (and so mending the separation), and without any direct work on the body (as in 'body & mind'), yet still, several members of the Circle reported after that session [...]

2017-11-22T14:25:48+00:00 November 22nd, 2017|Michael's Blog|0 Comments

Berlin Seminar :: A BLOG

"AND JESUS CAME DOWN JUST LIKE A SOLDIER" Berlin Seminar, 3-5/11/17 Berlin again, exactly 40 years after my first visit there in 1977. 150 people there then, but that was in my sannyas days, and having left Poona for the West again, unlike other Group Leaders there, I represented the whole ashram... This time we were 28. Daughter Wu-Chi was there, said that it was great but different. Different. Recently the seminars have all seemed to me to be different. Each one singular, somehow unique. Must be partly because I rarely do the WG Meditations, or maybe one, and hardly [...]

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Hamburg Seminar :: A BLOG

RAID ON THE ABSOLUTE Hamburg,  20-22/1O/17  Everybody had a great time, that was clear. It wasn't a question of what we did but of what was, what was present, what happened for the participants in that Hamburg dojo, and beyond. One said, Like an acid trip. Another, one of the two newcomers: It was like being hit by a train. An extreme seminar. I felt sometimes in hell, then back in heaven. At the end I felt freedom, my heart flew to paradise. Raymondo Special & perfect. (Best ever, really.) I am still trembling and in awe. The bliss of [...]

2017-10-25T14:42:35+00:00 October 25th, 2017|Michael's Blog|0 Comments

Mind & Body Seminar :: A BLOG

UNACHO, 12-15 OCT  2017 :: A BLOG After that session I felt the best I've ever felt in my life. Moksha From Anson, who has not done a group with me in a very long time:  I don't come to Michael's groups because he doesn't answer my questions. In this group he has answered ALL my questions. Thank you for these extraordinary & most precious days, I feel blessed that I could be part of this. After you spoke about the Zen-saying about us all putting a head on top of a head - I could suddenly chop off this [...]

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Copenhagen Seminar :: A BLOG

INFINITE SOULS Copenhagen Seminar, 6-8/10/17 :: A BLOG A Friday Evening kick-off as usual (but not always!), full of old friends, but also 6 Newies - and what came in with me? An energy from 'elsewhere'- even before I could get to grips with it as usual and allow it to move through me into others - no! it came on its own, even if beside and with me, and so it came to me just as it came to all....a marvel.   Why is it not on the human map? How come it stays unknown to all but a [...]

2017-10-12T15:40:55+00:00 October 12th, 2017|Michael's Blog|0 Comments

Belgium seminar :: A BLOG

LIQUID GOLD Belgium seminar, 28/9 – 1/10 :: A BLOG Physically, I limped through this one, bronchitis since a week before, and still going strong. The flight didn't help either. Chest and throat somewhere else, struggling for normality, so I had to find a new way of being with the 56 people attending, and I did. With the help of the cosmos. When I got home there came the OPT Hint that Tiago sends out regularly to those participating, this time for OPT6, and the quote was once again - as it is often - from The Soma Road (sure, [...]

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Kiev Seminar :: A BLOG

15-18/9/17 They were 60, we were 4: Tiago, Akali, Nabi and I. 60 from the Ukraine, mostly Kiev. That's something, I can tell you. Unique energy there. Here we are, they say (in Russian or silently), open, happy, welcoming, trusting, looking forward oh so much. We know it's going to be great for us all. That's how they are, hereabouts. Every time. Except it all grows each year, the openness - and the receiving. Everything that happens there works for all, it seems.  All but one of the 11 new people joined the Goosehood. Plus 3 children. Lots of mostly [...]

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Detrapping Seminar :: A BLOG

Saint-Blancard, 7-10/9/17 :: A BLOG So there we were, already a day before, at this 'ranch', a hundred kilometres from Toulouse in south-west France, a home and working space - at times - for Wild Goose Josha, a king of consultants to Big Business, and those who run them. Here we were, Mishka and I, for the second time, with our offer to show these top, successful people in the world, CEOs and the like, how to deal with situations and personal problems they can't find a way to unravel, or solve, something inhibiting maybe their progress in their jobs, [...]

2017-09-14T15:28:28+00:00 September 14th, 2017|Michael's Blog|0 Comments

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