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Copenhagen Seminar :: A BLOG

TO YOUR WHOLE HEART & SOUL Copenhagen Seminar, 12-14/5/17 :: A BLOG Great grouproom, big and light and airy, (if 80 steps up!) But that helps, such a good room! It's a plus. With assistants we were almost 40 - and sometimes it looked like just one when I came in. After my sannyas time, post 1982, on my own then, Denmark - and Switzerland - were my main ports of call, mostly each once a month, and some of those early birds, now friends too, continue to come again & again, so that as many as 20 of the [...]

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Detrapping 5 :: A BLOG

UNACHO,  5-7 MAY 2017  We were not many. And then two cancellations on the very day, so even less. This meant for those there that each one had a whole 90 mins session to detrap. As Einstein said - and I too, often! - you can't solve a problem on the same level as the problem. So in Detrapping I 'see' problems from outside the problem, the problems that capture people and give big trouble, and look inescapable. So that's what happened. For this we use the other participants - and cushions. I set up situations to demonstrate physically (very [...]

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Berlin Seminar :: A BLOG

THE HIDDEN HARMONY Berlin Seminar, 28-30/4/17 :: A BLOG So there it is again! The name, given many months ago, fitted perfectly. We were not so many this time there, maybe due to the long weekend, but no matter... There was not much for me to do there, not even much for the cosmos to do, except just to arrive. Which it did. And stayed throughout. Everyone in it, deep in it, glad of it. The two new ladies by the end, looked like they had won the lottery. Both got names, joined the WG EF, one said, "It was [...]

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Easter Festival :: A BLOG

Standing in the Midst of Life Easter Festival, 14-17/4/17:: A BLOG   It was all I could wish for. Which reminds me of some lines in a poem from the Poem Book, This Other Cup Of Purple - Poems '84-'87, so, 30+ years ago: When we meet Life in the inner place we find it to be all we could wish for and, what is more, there for the having. I had it. And hopefully so did many others there. It seemed so. From my view this Festival was simply magnificent. Mail from Manuel, a pretty new Wild Goose from [...]

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Portovenere Seminar :: A BLOG

The Heart is Where the Home Is Portovenere Seminar, 7-9/4/17 :: A BLOG We went by car there, Mishka & I, the (expected) 6 hour journey took us 10 - hold ups at the Gotthard tunnel, heavy traffic as always around Milan, and then on the motorway south an Incidente (accident) that held everything up a long time, for us until we escaped into a side road and went round it, so we arrived only just in time for the Friday evening start. But what a start! 90 mins of paradise, for me anyway. The original self is simply at [...]

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Love&Beauty :: A BLOG

LOVE & BEAUTY (part 3 of 5) at Gut Alte Heide near Cologne 29/3 - 2/4  2017  :: A BLOG Great group room, lots of space, another gathering in harmony from the word Go. Mostly great weather, indicating walks in the lunch break, also for some, in the early pre-breakfast mornings. But also plenty of travelling in our group space too, of a different kind. And the food there is just terrific! Best anywhere. And great staff too... Some themes of the L&B Course this time: He/She who finds the moment finds the eternal moment. An MB special. What does [...]

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Spring 2017 Newsletter

Hullo Everybody! Hello Energy People, Life People, LOVE people! Today, as I write, here in Denzlingen it is 20º. I sincerely hope it's like that wherever you are too. Should give now a boost to all the spring flowers - up to now a bit slow in coming, though some trees around here are ablaze, stunning pink blossoms, bushes on fire with yellow blossoms, the usual early spring flowers, the wild ones I see on my walks, all just for starters. So far this year in our meetings we've had twice a Love&Beauty leg, an OPT leg, a WOSP, seminars [...]

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Prague Seminar :: A BLOG

BRINGING YOU THE GOOD NEWS 17-19/3/2017 Thank you for the GREAT weekend. Seminar was amazing as usual, and in the Talk (Time Out of Sight) and the rest of what you said, was indescribable. For me in the Talk you said EVERYTHING, the essence of your teaching, NOTHING MISSING. In my mind, no escape from that. So clear, so simple, without space for doubts. For me THIS was 'a beautiful massacre'. And now with this - and 'The Michael Walk' I have everything I ever needed. I already did one Michael Walk in the office and it was indescribable. Like [...]

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Bremen Seminar :: A BLOG

YOU'RE IN THE ORCHARD BREMEN, 10-12/3/17 Such a cosy weekend! We were not so many - 25 - and the grouproom was also pretty small - but neat, cosy, the whole place cooperated with the inner space that I was in - and which then all of us there went on and formulated together, along with the divine which certainly joined us, held hands with us. The 3 new people were amazed, two in their eyes, the other in his body - over he went (on his own) time & again! All 3 joined the WG Energyfield at the end. [...]

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WOSP Seminar :: A BLOG

(The Wonder of Silence & Presence)   23-28/2/17 at UNACHO  - The Big Trap Halfway through came this talk: The Big Trap. A beautiful massacre! (which everyone survived!) Everything stopped. Everyone stopped. We are all in it, this trap. Everyone is in it, unknowingly. Bar just a few. You the reader, too. Escaping is not easy. What a price to pay! What is this universal trap? Get the Talk! "Cutting vegetables in the kitchen, being in the grouproom, I didn't change focus at all. It was completely the same. Just awareness and presence. Such freedom - such bliss." "Awareness just [...]

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