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love&beauty :: A BLOG

Gut Helmeringen 25-29 January 2017 A BLOG So there we were, out in the countryside, right by one of the German Atomic Power Stations, still thriving and pumping it out, just a kilo or two up the road. 44 L&B's, and me, all gladly meeting again after 5 months, happy so despite the bitter cold - down to minus 12 in the early mornings it was the first days, but the heating in the Seminar Centre there was just great, so we were cosy, and by lunchtime, walking time for some, it warmed up a bit outside, and a few [...]

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The Winter Festival :: A CODA

Dear Wild Goose Guys, After the WF blog went out I received some great feedbacks from participants who were there, and some of these we would like to share in this coda. Here they are: Chetano: In the few days with you during the Winter Festival at Sampurna, it was really beautiful. I felt the cosmic heart, the cosmicness, the connection that you shared with us and let us feel great. I felt that space as a sacred place, like in a Temple. I liked the silence. I really want to thank you for what you have brought us. Andriana: [...]

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The Winter Festival :: A BLOG

LOVE IS IN THE AIR Winter Festival 27/12/16 - 1/1/17 :: A BLOG We were around 80, and we were from France, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic, Switzerland, The Ukraine & Australia. It was cold but no snow. Sampurna, where we were again, was warm. We of course made it warmer. As usual the name of the Group given months ago turned out to be totally appropriate: Love Is In The Air. There was a lot of it about. We of course did many things together, both in the grouproom and outside too, but maybe the outstanding feature [...]

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Australian Tour :: A BLOG

A TIME IN AUSTRALIA 29/11 - 14/12 2016 A BLOG The flight there , to Perth, via Singapore, was not so bad, we had a hold-up in Singers, faulty plane so we were delayed somewhat, but when we arrived our luggage was waiting for us - and so were Borganda and Rafo. It was Borganda who had taken on organizing the seminar there in Fremantle (Perth's neighbour), and Rafo, partner to Varuni, has a long and sweet history with us as a Wild Goose. Borganda was with me the day we found Le Domain du Fan, which became our wonderful [...]

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Enlightenment Circle :: A BLOG

UNACHO, 24-27/11/16 This circle went round & round, spinning, settling, disappearing into the sky and also into the earth. This morning's COD was: This very Earth the Lotus Paradise This very Body the Buddha. So mail this morning from EC participants say that this is how it was for them on the EC. "Space and body coming together in ecstasy", one writes. Also that "the mind doesn't come back as it usually does after a seminar, because it has settled more deeply into me." Well it was like that. A marriage of the cosmic with the body-personal. And the Happenings [...]

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Berlin Seminar :: A BLOG

ENERGY UNITED  11-13/11/16 Thank you, Tarima, Thank you, Genkano, Thank you, Astari, my Berlin team, thank you, thank you for preparing everything in this 'high spot', here was so much to be carried up and again up (and it was all worth it!) and thank you also to all the 50 people who were there, at the top of the111 steps, which they also took to get to this grouproom, and which they took inside that room too! The new people too (a lot of them!), some now newly ordained as Wild Geese, all who were together there with our [...]

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Back in 1973, just around the time I started doing evening groups in my small apartment in Hampstead with a dozen people, I did a couple of weekend groups with an American called Jacob Stattman. Jay worked with psychofantasy in a fantastic way - he was the best, and I had some tremendous experiences and insights through these times with him. Later we became good friends, even co-leading a couple of groups together in Holland. Later on he married and moved to Ibiza to live, and there I visited him for some great exchanges. By then I was involved with [...]

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Copenhagen Seminar :: A BLOG

FROM RAGS TO RICHES Copenhagen Seminar 21-23/10/16 :: A BLOG Wonderful, Wonderful, Copenhagen! "Energy & Transformation go hand in hand" said the blurb. They take you from Rags to Riches...So they do. To get there, we had to climb 77 steps, but then there was a grouproom both big and wide, 250 square metres or so... worth the climb, plus in it, waiting, were people I've known 10/20/30 time very close friend, Minerva, also Viresha, mother of my daughter, as always, some original Danish Wild Geese, like Kensho & Haiku, Om & Karista - Haiku also provided food for [...]

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WOSP seminar :: A BLOG

WOSP (THE WONDER OF SILENCE & PRESENCE) 13-16/1O/16 A BLOG It was the 3rd of its kind. There's even a book out on the first one, so - same again? Not at all. I'm quite unable to repeat, to copy, to follow a line or a plan. As the Q&A at the end of this WOSP is named: Gone is Gone! So Here was Here. Thirty of us, including 3 very old friends from England, whom I'd not seen for several years, since the seminars there were (temporarily?) discontinued, also a psychoanalyst all the way from Chile, an Austrian businessman, [...]

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Kiev Seminar :: A BLOG

THE FEELING OF TRUE NATURE KIEV,   30/9 - 2/10/16 :: A BLOG Arriving there in Kiev, Sarvasati & Hawana meeting me, stepping outside the airport, my heart lifted - here are our Ukranian Wild Geese, so many intent on flying, reaching, enjoying each moment - and leaving no trace. Through the usual heavy traffic to this University, where Saranda holds a high position, and where we've been going for my seminars for years, but in a different room, waiting there to greet me were Tiago & Nabi, who arrived already a couple of days before, and also Akali who again [...]

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