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Seminar in Bath :: A Blog

THE EAGLE HAS LANDED SEMINAR IN BATH, ENGLAND :: A BLOG                                                                                         17-19 MAY 2019. Ah! England! There is something there for me which exists nowhere else in the world. Perhaps not surprisingly. A completion, an embrace with the earlier part of my life, waiting for me always. The very soil, the atmosphere, the people, the language, London, where I was born & bred, in particular. This time it electrified me, and also my relationship with those who came - many of whom have been with me for donkey's [...]

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Copenhagen Seminar :: A Blog

THE INNER REVOLUTION SEMINAR IN COPENHAGEN :: A BLOG 10-12/5/19 The first - Friday - evening we were all pulled into the South Pole of silence and stillness like never before, anywhere. The whole of Saturday morning there was Deep Energy Surgery (Tiago's description) for everybody. What kept running through my mind was a statement in Shakespeare's Macbeth, by Macbeth, in response to Lady Macbeth goading and inciting him to murder King Duncan who was an honoured guest at their castle, so that Macbeth could succeed him as king. Macbeth responded, "I dare do all that man may do; who [...]

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Berlin Seminar :: A Blog

FROM THE OTHER SHORE SEMINAR IN BERLIN :: A BLOG 26-28/4/19 For the first time, after a host of other places over many years, we found ourselves at the Buddhist Centre there in Berlin, a very impressive place, we were given a huge room, with a giant golden Buddha at one end (see pic above!) and at the the other end, a number of large portraits of Buddhist teachers (see pic below!), and all around, on both sides of the room, a series of tankas (old-time Buddhist paintings). It was like being buried in Buddhism, so I began by lofting [...]

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Easter Festival :: A Blog

LEAVING THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT EASTER FESTIVAL AT UNACHO :: A BLOG 19-22/4/19 I really enjoyed my time here over Easter with those who came to join us, on the Easter Festival, over these historically momentous days. In some ways it was all a bit weird - I was whirling in and out of myself, sometimes with myself in a wholly unfamiliar way, at other times in a totally present way - as if my whole long life and all that had even happened in it - was with me in each moment. Then at other times it was [...]

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Portovenere Weekend Seminar :: A Blog

STEPS TO INFINITY PORTOVENERE, ITALY, WEEKEND SEMINAR :: A BLOG 5-7/4/19 Portovenere, such a beautiful old village, by the sea, always a delight to spend our time there, this time though, a little drawback, the weather was somewhat colder than usual, rather spoiling it for me on our breaks and meals there, plus, the number of steps from ground to grouproom is 119, and that faced me 4 times a day - formidable! A special feature of our groups there for the last 9 years, and for the many previous groups in Bologna, Rimini, and elsewhere over the previous 30 [...]

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Belgium Weekend Seminar :: A Blog

THE RIVER RUNS THROUGH YOU 29-31/3/19 I didn't really do this group. The cosmos did. I was a sort of participant too. So we didn't do together much of the usual things - no meditations, no talks whatsoever, hardly a word spoken during this time together, except for Q&A at the end; the cosmic energy filled the room throughout so what happened was an offer to all there of a continuous cosmic connection, and everybody tuned into that wonderfully well. There was just a constant flow amongst us all, session after session. All very soft, too. Indro writes: It was [...]

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Trees & Rivers, Part IV :: A Blog

TREES & RIVERS, 4TH SET FROM 5 :: A BLOG 14-17/3/19 It took place, again, in Gut Alte Heide, a very fine therapy group centre, with a great host, Peter (whom we may soon see in a seminar), terrific and enormous accommodation for me, enabling me in the evenings to invite a few people, after dinner, for a glass of wine with chats, as I often do, when possible, at residential groups... But before those T&R days, I was for a day and a night, not far away from there, at a very active spiritual centre, The Open Sky House, [...]

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Prague Seminar :: A Blog

THE DIVINE STREAM PRAGUE SEMINAR :: A BLOG 1-3/3/19 Prague. Always a treat. Very receptive people. With comparative innocence too. Somewhat different this time as amongst the 45 attending there were 13 brand new people. Another feature was that, at this seminar there were more men than women, very rare in my groups, maybe so even for the first time ever... This affected the group activity, in a way I had to start from the beginning, and then move fast! Devraday, also my very good chauffeur there, wrote afterwards: The whole weekend was a direct and intensive experience of your [...]

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Bremen Weekend Seminar :: A Blog

INFINITE SOULS Bremen Weekend Seminar :: A Blog 22-24/2/19 This was such a great group. Which I really enjoyed so much. A lot of that enjoyment came to me because all the people in the group were enjoying it so much! We did something very different in each session, and each time it was clear that all the members of this group got showered with sparkling wine and were radiant - and totally in it. And how they all came together! And stayed together throughout. In the breaks there was much exchange but it all sounded like one voice. An [...]

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OPT7 The Lamplighters :: A Blog

OPT7   THE LAMPLIGHTERS THE FEBRUARY RUN :: A BLOG 6-10/2/2019 Starting off in stillness & silence, not the usual way of things at this time, but it fitted... Then came Levelling - a top 'ancient' basic meditation from the very beginning - towards the inner oneness which lies under all 'thises and thats'. Personal feedback was given to the reports from participants about that... Soon, the stand-out Mu Meditation, never missed in Trainings, the one that enlightened me (over 5 days, not one hour) back in the late Sixties...still a magic memory. Great feedbacks, OPTers clearly showing 'signs of awakening'... [...]

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