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OneLife Personal Training 6 :: A Blog

WHEN THE HEART SMILES ONE LIFE PERSONAL TRAINING 6 (OPT6) :: A Blog JULY 2017-JULY 2018 This final Meeting of OPT6 contained all the ways I've worked in seminars from the very beginning. Including Zen-Hit Encounter, for a few lucky guys! For all that, I had to 'take over' most of the sessions! I'm told I did 15 sessions (plus SASH and PEP), whilst the teaching team did just 7 between them. I guess I got carried away by the energy provoked and lived by the participants during these 7 days...they were magnificent in their availability, and in their transformations... [...]

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Vienna Seminar :: A Blog

WEEKEND SEMINAR IN VIENNA 'VIENNA' :: A Blog 6-8/7/18 It was pretty nonstop. Arrived Friday early afternoon, then to the hotel where my hosts Anuradha & Sandipa were also staying, some lunch together prepared by Sandipa, there in the room, then 'a WC watch', our first: France v Uruguay, also there in the room, then to the group place, same as last time, Shambala, an active centre in many ways, a lot of people offering different kinds of seminar work there, so the place is geared up for that, and is quite close to the city centre... For the first [...]

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Trees & Rivers Part I :: A Blog

TREES & RIVERS Part I :: A Blog 21-24/6/2018 It was for me, as if the momentum of all the seminars I have done in the world over the past 46 years - more than a thousand - was with me & us on the launching of this new One-Year Course for True Seekers over 5x4 day seminars. I, from the beginning, wanted 30 on this Course - and so it happened, 30 there are - from England, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Czech Republic & Ukraine. In 8 cars, we soon motored off to 'my very own' Trees [...]

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Bath Seminar :: A Blog

YOU AND ENGLAND Bath Seminar :: A Blog                                                                                                                                             June 1-3 First time there, in My Homeland, for 5 years. A Home Hit. It was certainly time to go again. It was to be in Bath. A beautiful city. Abava picked Mishka & I up at Heathrow. 'Normally' it's a 90 minute ride down the A4, direct. But not this time. Friday afternoon. Taking evasive action we passed a totally stationary 12 mile queue of traffic, going the other way, probably would have been the same on our direct way to Bath too, so off we went south-west instead of west, [...]

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Teaching Seminar :: A Blog

When Speech & Silence Are Both Unexpectedly Ch'an (Zen) Teaching Seminar :: A Blog 24-27/5/18 There was speech, quite a lot of it, there was silence, also in plenty, and it was all Ch'an too. All that we know or think we know about human beings comes from human beings. But can human beings really know about human beings? Or are we kidding ourselves? We can't get outside ourselves in order to know or to see  what we are, and not only that, but also what we think we know about the rest of the world: trees, animals, birds, rivers, [...]

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Copenhagen Seminar :: A Blog

Walking the Last Invisible Mile Copenhagen Seminar :: A BLOG 11-13/5/18 From the moment I entered the grouproom on Friday evening, we took off. What came with me? Love & Eternity. These others were there too: The Soft Hands of the Divine, The Secret Flow of the Universe, The Heart of Life - The divine energy was there and entering all - that was clear to me. To me, everybody looked stunned.  As more entered the flow, people met and folded together, embraced, as they moved under the dramatic energy as they were embraced by the divine, those present entering [...]

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Corfu Seminar :: A Blog

SUN IN THE HEART Corfu Seminar :: A Blog 28/4-5/5 2018 It was the kind of affair, here in Corfu those 7 days, about which I believe, people will say in the future: Were you there? The island was perfect, spring dawning, real spring with warm sun high into the twenties - rare even there for this time of the year, miraculous for us, amongst an entirely miraculous time, from first to last. We 32 met for spiritual work each morning high up on a hill, in a grouproom beneath a cafe, so no distance for morning coffee break, and [...]

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Music & Silence

MUSIC & SILENCE :: A Blog 19-22/4/'18 Well, we did 'exactly what it says on the tin'! Simple, but the cosmos was with us, so it was also profound. Depths reached. Sun all the time, on top. So all meals in the garden, for most, breaks too. When the Zero comes through your One, then - Ah!!! A treat for me to be with the music - all my own choices of course - totally, just as a listener, and responder, not to employ it in energy activities as it is usually. Gave me many ecstatic moments. These days with [...]

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Portovenere :: A Blog

FIELD OF LOVE AND ONENESS SEMINAR IN PORTOVENERE :: A BLOG 6/4-8/4 20I8 We went by car, Mishka & I, which took 8 hours, including stops, but traffic was not heavy, unlike last year, so driving alternately, we arrived fresh - and in good time too. The hotel we stay in is 'right there', and exactly next door to the hostel where we hold the seminar, and where too, many of the participants stay. And both are right by the shore, overlooking the sea. Unhappily this year our hotel room was without a bath, shower only, which is a real [...]

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THIS UNKNOWN LAND Easter Festival  ::  A Blog 30/3-2/4 '18 This was the sky on Sunday night here in Denzlingen, a copy of the power & brightness of our time together here in Extraordinary Space, our grouproom below. We were 30, almost all 'regulars' so it was too an Easter Party as we came together in many ways, throughout our days together. Welcoming the tentative hands of spring - at last. At the beginning, I told the participants, that I had asked myself, whether, if this was my last group, how would it differ? And that the answer was - [...]

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