Great place! Super Grouproom, food fine, and – finally – I got a just great accommodation, and I think that part of it was fine for everybody else too. The place lies deep too in the countryside, near the Danube, and is totally quiet. And Daniela the lady owner, with her husband Klaus, was easy to work with – even with her 2 toddlers around her neck, and her dogs. We will go there again, with the upcoming Love & Beauty Course.

Yes it was the 5th of 6 meetings for this great X-Run. It went very deep – we looked together at new possibilities, including considering seriously the proposition that all was predetermined in our lives, so then, if so, all we need to do was to be with whatever transpires, and totally; no need for plans anymore! This view really put the cat amongst the pigeons! Everybody went wild, dizzy, everyone talking at once – or so I hear, as the uproar only really started after I left the session! During it, just 6 or 7 piped up, the rest not daring to expose themselves – to me, at least! Tut! Tut!

Of course, for me the possibility of life being predestined is much more than a ‘possible’ truth of life, since so much in my life has pointed from the future back into the past, the past already ‘knowing’ the future, like many of the stories in the book TIME IS AN ILLUSION. And if you were to ask me my view as to how I ended up here now in my life as spiritual teacher to thousands, my answer would be, initially, just one word: DESTINY.

As my body too showed there at the X-Run clear signs of new flow and flexibility, the X-Runners, almost all ‘old friends’, were clearly delighted at my return to at least some form of natural and easy ‘bodyflow’ – easy walking, then even dancing for spells, and maybe best sign of all, the comedian was back…

I’ve already had some wonderful mail feedbacks on these 5 days together. Here is one example, from Jila:

Beloved Michael

After reading the blogs,
having been with you in Prague and Leuven
I did not dare to expect too much.
To see you coming out of your car
and walking again was already a relief
a fragrance of spring in the air.

But the unbelievable happened,
the clouds gave way to the sun
all sorrow vanished
no worries anymore
we were together again in Joy.

It was different
It was new.

We were not just sitting there with you
waiting to join you in your cosmic energyspace,
we were also radiating our love to you
hoping this should benefit your well being
so in a way where before our focus had been on getting
it had changed into giving.

And then in the breaks we were sharing our happiness
that we saw you (your body) becoming stronger and stronger
even dancing and joking.
We could relax.

New movements happened.

The new SHEM was a revelation for me.
I never liked the first 2 parts too much
could not really connect with the movements of the hands
was bored and it often felt to me as mechanical
But with your new instructions
it was not on a bodily level anymore
It became mediation form the first moment – not only in part 3 and 4.
This soul connection was so healing and so beautiful
Finally I am into SHEM!

The last session on Sunday was also amazing
the bridge to the cosmic space
no longer my longing to union
I could find only gratitude
total fulfilment.

Challenging talks, great sessions,
and your smiles – oh those loving smiles ...

The wonder of it all.

Now back home
it is also new.

I started to walk on my own feet
(I HAD to)
I am learning to be in each moment
with what IS
as your last words on Sunday:
each moment equally important.
And my great joy is that in being so
attachments are simply gone
This was always such a struggle
but not anymore.

Many more gifts were there
many Blessings showered.

Buddham Sharanam Gachami