X-Run, a two-year intensive

The X-Run, the seventh – and, who knows, it may be the last! – began in August 2014. It will run until Spring 2016. We will have met six times as the X-Run runs, and unfolds.

Jesus said, When some of you are gathered together in my name, I will be there. As we have all found when we meet, there are times, and these times happen often, when something else comes to join us. There is an invitation there, offered to all human beings, to join that Universal Energy, and then to play it back into their lives. And then too into the lives of others. That’s how it is with the Masters. And members of the Wild Goose Company are all budding Masters. But achieving this state doesn’t mean necessarily that you have to adopt the known role as Masters, working with the Universe with others directly towards their enlightenment; you can be active at anything whatsoever, in the midst of ordinary society, and give off this state of union in your everyday life. And so be passing on the resonance whilst in normal human exchanges and interactions.