A Course in Love & Beauty

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Please note: This course is fully booked


If you let an activity, an exchange, a relationship, say for instance in lovemaking, move into the aura of your Being and Presence, then beyond the enjoyment, the sensuality, the excitement, even the pleasure of that exchange, you will find the beauty, pure beauty, the beauty of all living things, the beauty in you. The glow of it. A steady vibration which can be absolutely heart-stopping. Like Heaven on Earth.

And beauty belongs to timelessness. Excitement, pleasure, achievement, success, highs, all belong to time, but beauty beats them all. When you see it, find it, join it, it does not move, does not disappear (though you may well lose it!), because it is part of ultimate reality. It just is – and is. A fact. Now seen as such.


And as for love: ipso facto. It speaks for itself. In that place of Oneness, where beauty also becomes vivid and true, love is simply the case.

Here’s a poem on Love & Beauty, written in a somewhat different vein in 1986, for a group taking place at that time. It is in the poem book, This Other Cup of Purple. There is also a song:

If I am right,
The feeling of beauty
is just the fact
of being touched
by what is there.

If I am right,
The feeling of love
is just allowing oneself
to be touched
by what is there.

Then, feeling love,
one is beloved.

Seeing beauty,
one becomes beautiful.

If I am correct,
This is waiting
Beauty is waiting
Love too,
To touch you. 


And here, on beauty, is R M Rilke, in an English translation:

For Beauty’s nothing but the beginning of Terror
We’re only just able to bear,
and why we adore it so is
because it serenely disdains to destroy us…

 And finally, on beauty, here is the great Buddha:

“Oh, say not so, Ananda, say not so,” said Buddha when his disciple-companion-cousin said to him, ”Teacher, isn’t beauty half the goal, doesn’t the holy life consist of drawing near to beauty step by step?” Replied Buddha,

“Oh say not so, Ananda, say not so. Not half. Say it is the whole.”

If you have participated in an X-Run, or an OPT, you automatically qualify, and you can immediately enlist.

If you have not, then you have to apply to me, Michael, personally, as this is again a senior course, normally for regular & experienced Wild Geese, but some people are still up to it, even if that is not explicitly the case, this I well know, so…


Part I: 17 – 21 August  2016,  UNACHO
Part II: 25 - 29 January 2017, Gut Helmeringen, Lauingen
Part III: 29 March – 02 April 2017, Gut Alte Heide, Wermelskirchen
Part IV: 16 - 20 August 2017, UNACHO, Denzlingen
Part V: 06 - 10 December 2017, Gut Helmeringen, Lauingen

Fee:  € 2750,- (food & accommodation are not included)

Information : If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us here at UNACHO.

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