20. September - 22. September 2019




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Pass On

You have to leave yourself behind and make room for something beyond you and beyond all beings out of which we all came. And why should it be surprising that we can find that, since we came from there? It’s about sinking back in yourself and letting go all the activities you’ve done in your life, and what you’ve found and achieved and enjoyed, and finding how this happened to you, and who are you, and what are you, and how are you, if you don’t add anything to life, because you don’t need to. Because all you need to live this life is already in you and is already there. So just think about that or consider that for a moment, this phrase, ‘Don’t add anything to life,’ which of course we’re continuously doing. My teaching is that you carry on living, the essence of just life goes on living through you but it’s already there, in you. You just have to allow it to happen. Then there’s no need to add anything because it’s already ready to express itself in you, or through you. Then you’re free. Then the mind doesn’t have to be so active to let you know what’s right and wrong, and good and bad, and good for you, and appropriate for you and inappropriate for you, because the universe knows that. It knows it. It knew from the very beginning who you are. The universe knows who you are but maybe you do not know that yet. That’s worth considering. You do not know who you are, but who you are was in you from the moment you were born, and how you were to be in this life was already there.

Before all the things that happened to you in your life happened, it was already inside you ready to happen. In other words, we can say that your destiny needs space to express itself, with as little interference as possible. If you give it space and openness and trust, and the connection with that which brings that, then your life will just roll along without effort, without struggle, and with hardly any conflict. It just happens. Then you begin to happen. You find that life just moves through you every moment.

Sometimes it’s completely still, but that’s a terrific space and a terrific part of being who you are, to find yourself absolutely still. Just present. You’re present, and what else is present when you’re present? Everything. Not only all living beings, but everything that exists is always just present. If you are present, then you connect with all of that and it all connects with you. So get out of your own way and you will happen, naturally. Then you know that it’s valid for you, so you trust it. You don’t have to interfere. You don’t have to consider, “Is that OK?” It is OK. It is OK because it’s true and valid and fits who you really are. It’s authentic.

Each time I sit in the chair or walk around or work energetically or give talks, this is my intention, not just to entertain people or to give people information and knowledge and understanding, but for them to resonate. Resonance has been a principle of my life – for me, resonance with that which is beyond all, yet includes all – to try and bring everybody I meet, especially in my seminars, to resonate with that which I resonate with. Then you’re there. Then you’re home. Then you can relax. Then you can laugh.

So we are all deeply connected with one another in the Wild Goose Company because the place we meet, through the work I do and what I bring, is timeless.

When I’m with you, then you are in me. That’s how I work. I open and empty myself and bring you in, so when I’m standing in front of you, I’m reflecting you and then I can feel some action, some contact, some connection between you and me that will open you to that cosmic space to which we belong and which can fulfil us.



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