Local seminars

The local seminars begin in the world, where you come from to them, and then they move somewhere else, where people are no longer seperated but connected, and are part of the Life-Energy itself. To be in this place can bring bliss. It can turn on your essence, which is love, it can bring you ‘the peace that passeth understanding’. All these and more.

So you then know what is possible, and even where that original self that experiences these things lies. It gives you the key to discovering who you really are. Then at the end of the seminar you move back into the world, and the world energies again take over. But not quite.

You have seen.
You have experienced.
You have awakened the Buddha within.
You have been touched by the magic wand of the divine. You will never be the same again.
You now belong to the infinite.
Slowly then (or even quickly!) there is a surrender of the ego to this, your true undying Self.


No qualification is needed, they are open to everybody.

Upcoming local seminars