New schedule in 2014

Every Tuesday and Thursday evening, when Michael is at home, there is an Open Hour for the House Team and Helpers here (and anyone else who likes to join) in the Extraordinary Space Grouproom here at UNACHO.
These gatherings have a beauty, which we all here in UNACHO recognize, appreciate and totally enjoy.

SASH (Soul & Spirit Hour) will happen on each and every Tuesday.

PEP (Personal Energy Perfection) will happen on each and every Thursday.
In these PEPs Michael works with those attending, both as one unit and also individually. Many people take advantage of this offer, to give themselves a reconnection with the Universal Energy and their own Buddhahood, available now in the midst of their daily working lives.

These gatherings will be limited to just ten visiting participants only. You can book in advance, well in advance if you want, and also as often as you want.
These Happenings will of course only take place when Michael is at home here in UNACHO. So if in doubt: check!

SASH & PEP with Michael at UNACHO 19.00 - 20.00 h
SASH on Tuesdays, Price 10 Euro
PEP on Thursdays, Price 18 Euro
Please ring first before coming.