Recently Michael started to post short messages on Twitter.

We have received some inquiries on how one can read them.
So here an overview of Michael´s communication with the Energyfield:
• The short messages (maximum 140 signs)
Michael posts those himself every few days. They are distributed simultaniously on Twitter and Facebook.
So if you are "friend" with Michael on Facebook, you will be able to read them on your wall.
You can also read all of Michael´s Tweets on
However, if you´d like to receive the Tweets the same moment Michael posts them, you´ll need to establish a Twitter account on
Twitter has a detailed FAQ-section, which will help you to set up your iPhone or Smartphone to receive the messages.
When searching for "Michael Barnett" on, you will find many persons under that name. So search for "MBOneLife" instead.
• The longer Blogs
Michael of course also writes these himself - only, they are distributed by the OneLife Team.
These blogs can be read on Facebook and the website or you can receive them by e-mail.
You can always choose which information you receive from us by clicking the link at the bottom of each mail we send: "If you wish to choose which kind of mails you wish to receive: update subscription preferences".
• The CODs  (contemplation of the Day)
Every day we put out a statement from Michael, or from one of ten thousand other of his sources, something challenging, something to consider in your heart and mind, to get the personal cells working for the day. By email to you each morning, Monday to Friday. You can subscribe to it on our website.
• Talks and Newsletters
Approx. 4 times a year, we publish an EEN (Electronic Energy Newsletter), which is distributed simultaniously on the website, e-mail and OneLife´s Facebook page
. You´ll have to "LIKE" that page in order to receive its postings.
We use the same distribution setup to release once in a while a talk from Michael, which he considers valuable for the whole Energyfield to be read.
Once a year we send out a printed Newsletter (both in English and German) to all those currently active in the Energyfield - by post.
We will release the 2014 issue soon, so if you want to receive that one, make sure we have your home address!
That´s it!
We look forward to keep in touch...
The OneLife Team