Bodyflow, Soma & SHEM

Michael Barnett’s Meditations are designed to connect you with hidden sources of energy, within and without, and then to utilize these powerful energies to clear the system of blocks, and obstacles to the free-flowing life. Slowly and steadily the connection with these powerful hidden sources becomes stronger and stronger, and can eventually become permanent, part of the personal life.

Meditations by Michael Barnett at UNACHO


Start the week with Bodyflow for Earlybirds
Mondays - Fridays at 6.45-7.30 am
Saturdays + Sundays at 7.45 - 8.30 am

“In Bodyflow we open to the energies that are outside ourselves, let in these energies, co-operate with them and let them move us. We allow them to decide how our body moves and flows.”

Here at MB OneLife it’s the way to start the day!
Bodyflow, the very first of Michael’s meditations, has proved an effective tool for energy work for thirty years. This CD has an introduction where Michael explains how Bodyflow came to him – useful to get yourself in tune with the Bodyflow – a very freeing experience. Especially good for beginners.

With music specially composed for this meditation by Wild Goose Musicians.


With the Soma meditation you actively bring the Universal Energy into your body, directing it to any blocks and constraints, and allow it to do its work.

Good for clearing the day’s junk from the body.

This meditation has great music that fits it beautifully, composed by Wild Goose musicians.

SHEM - Self Healing Energy Meditation

A neat and effective way of using your hands and the subtle energies that are all around to clear your blocks and encourage personal healing.

A meditation that can be done alone, requires no guidance, apart from that which is given on the CD.

With music specially composed by the Wild Goose Musicians, ‘Surrender Cowboys’.

Beautiful to do it in the mornings.

Diamond Yoga is offered on Tuesdays 5.30 -6.30 pm, before "Michael Hour".