The Teaching

To be able to work with an enlightened teacher is a great stroke of luck, because it means getting answers to central questions from someone who is able to respond from personal experience.

One can sense that Michael Barnett uses sources which are accessible only to a few people.

His way of teaching is characterized by humour, creativity, a provoking openness and love and acceptance towards people.

Michael Barnett was a pioneer of energy work, beginning in the early seventies. Through his natural gifts plus half a lifetime's explorations, he has developed a unique form of energy work. It includes group dynamics, individual work, the conveying of transformative energy through eyes, hands and movement, music and dance, deep cosmic silence, fun and laughter, and the dynamic of his simple presence.

Through his work, subtle energies within are awakened, opening up unknown potentialities. In addition the usual areas of interaction – physical, mental and emotional – are enriched. And through the inclusion of these fine energies, life becomes more total.

Michael Barnett has the capacity to awaken the actual source of these subtle energies in others.

He shows people how to connect with the universal source itself, how to reach a shared space – a space in which there are no boundaries between oneself and anything else. He opens the door to this mystery.