Coming Home Advanced Training

Coming Home Advanced Training2018-12-13T11:58:51+00:00


The name of my new Supergroup is:




Many people say at the end of a seminar, "It felt like coming home." Although to my knowledge, and theirs, they have arrived somewhere completely new, still they recognize it.


Recently a new Wild Goose wrote me in his confirmation  letter: I thank you very much for your work, which touches me very deeply in my heart. You have led me into the room, I can describe as being my home. Yes, I was at home inside my house, I feel great gratitude.


So that is the experience I want to give to you all.

This course will begin in October 2019.

It will consist of 5 x 4-day groups.

Price: € 2600,-

Booking and further Information: OneLife

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