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Michael writes great blogs about his life, the energy field and gives hints on the Art of Jumping
- not published elsewhere!
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We use the same distribution setup to release once in a while a talk from Michael, which he considers valuable for the whole Energy Field to read.


Regularly we publish an EEN (Electronic Energy Newsletter), which is distributed both by e-mail and on OneLife´s Facebook page. Please "LIKE" and "FOLLOW" that page in order to receive its postings.

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Contemplation of the Day

COD-contemplation-of-the-dayEvery day we put out a statement from Michael, or from one of thousands of his other sources, something challenging, something to consider in your heart and mind, to get the personal cells working for the day.
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Talk of the Month

TOM - talk of the monthAfter subscription, you'll receive monthly a link to a newly released talk, presenting Michael's Work. We'll release contemporary recordings of the latest talks from Michael's seminars - but we're more than excited to re-release many of the older talks too, all the way back to the eighties and nineties!

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