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Report on Willd Goose Gathering in Austria

Beloved Friends, another wonderful Wild Goose Gathering has been happening in Austria at the beginning of April. Read below what some of the participants and Sangha members share about it. We hope to see you on one of the next up-coming events. Much LOVE, the OneLife Team   Resurrection When this timeline of our world comes to an end Heading towards a crash with no escape Cause it’s the linear time thinking! Thinking and planning in circles of time and with a deep feeling for the No-Time space- we will see…. We are already here – the Goose is out!!!! We [...]

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Report on Wild Goose Event in Denmark

Beloved Energyfield, Wild Geese in Flight (Indro, Kozan, Akali) and Mishka had another tremendous seminar earlier this month, this time in Copenhagen, Denmark. For many it was a real homecoming and a happening ripe with unity and a sense of Sangha. Here is a report on the event. Love, the OneLife Team Dearest Wild Geese, The Bright Full Moon event was an amazing time of togetherness and sharing. From the start, there was a deep sense of intimacy, family and sheer joy in each other’s presence. Strong energies were constant, and their flow created a powerful stream that swept [...]

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Wild Goose Gathering in Belgium

“Being Together at the Start of Time” Wonderful Wild Goose Gathering 17-19 May 2024 in Alter, Belgium   At each moment there is an opening to the timeless.  – Michael Barnett -   Beloved Friends, another possibility coming up in May in Belgium to meet in the Energy Space, to get nourished and share what we carry in us. Here is the invitation letter from the organisation team. Love, the OneLife Team Wonderful Wild Goose Gathering After two previous editions, we are again organising a Wonderful Wild Goose Gathering: “Being Together At The Start Of Time” Central to this [...]

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Wild Goose Events with Abava

Beloved Wild Goose Energy Field, Spring is in the air and everywhere the buds are opening and more and more flowers and blossoms appear. Somehow this is reflecting a bit how our Wild Goose Energy Field is waking up again from a kind of sleep and many beautiful happenings and possibilities are showing up where we can share and rejoice in the beautiful work Michael has been gifting us with. Please find below a letter from Abava with his beautiful contributions. Much LOVE, the OneLife Team Dear Beloveds, I hope that you are well and enjoying the signs of [...]

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Report on Wild Goose Event in Belgium

Beloved Energyfield, Wild Geese in Flight (Indro, Kozan, Akali) and Mishka held a wonderful seminar in Belgium a few weeks ago. By all accounts it was rather astonishing and an intense combination of silence, Cosmic Energy and love. Below is a report from them. Love, the OneLife Team Dearest Wild Geese, What a beautiful time we all had during those days in Belgium! A magical gift. A powerful embrace. From us, a big thank you to everyone who came for making the Energy is Eternal event such a strong and profound experience - amazing days of togetherness, nourishment and [...]

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Summer Academy in Italy

SUMMER  ACADEMY IN ITALY Dear Wild Geese, below you'll find an invitation from Mishka to come and visit the place in Italy where she has landed. Love, the OneLife Team Beloved Friends, inspired by the beautiful time we had in the days over New Year Patricia and me created a program for a Summer Academy. It will start at the end of June and end at the end of August. There are various offers with a specific focus and in between there are periods where one can just be here, enjoying this special place embedded in strong nature  and getting [...]

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Willd Goose Summer Gathering

Wild Goose Summer Gathering 31 July - 04 Aug 2024 Landhaus Sonnenberg Erbach (Odenwald), Germany   True Transformation happens when we go back to the Zero State, from where all life emerges. It is the state before the source energy moves into form. When a caterpillar is in a chrysalis, its form dissolves completely. And from this, through Transformation, the form of a butterfly emerges. But this can only happen when cells that carry the essence of the butterfly form enough clusters inside the caterpillar. On the Human level, there is a network of clusters around the world. [...]

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Wild Goose Gathering, Austria

Following Your Inner Light 4-7 April 2024 How fantastically beautiful it would be if we could all participate in everything going on in this human world and to bring into our participation that silence, that stillness, that space, that harmony, that relationship with what is. Michael Barnett It's still winter, but the days are getting longer and the light is growing stronger. The Austrian sangha is inviting us all to come together this Spring in Austria and immerse ourselves in the space between Heaven and Earth. That space helps us to open our hearts and shine our Inner Light [...]

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A Wild Goose Event in Denmark

Copenhagen, 2 & 3 March The Bright Full Moon In the light of the Moon we dance together Slowly, lovingly. Faces of joy, of understanding, look up at the sky Then turn towards each other. A knowing smile, a nod of understanding. And we become one. This March, Wild Geese in Flight (Indro, Kozan, Akali) and Mishka will be joining together in Denmark for a seminar of Silence, Energywork and Healing. It will be a non-residential Group in the heart of the Danish capital. All are welcome! Also, a reminder that Wild Geese in Flight and Mishka will be [...]

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New Year Celebration in Italy

Beloved Energy Field first of all we want to wish you all a Happy New Year. May this year bring many opportunities to meet and be together in our beautiful Energy Space. These days it becomes more and more clear to me that it is so essential to create opportunities where this Energy Space which is familiar to us is awakened, that we can all immerse ourselves in it, get nourished and reconnect to our true home. Through this we nurture this amazing Energy Field we have and the power of it unfolds each time when people with an openness to the finer dimension gather. Like [...]

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