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Newsletter June 23rd 2021

As every blossom fades and all youth sinks into old age, so every life’s design, each flower of wisdom, attains its prime and cannot last forever. The heart must submit itself courageously to life’s call without a hint of grief, A magic dwells in each beginning, protecting us, telling us how to live. High purposed we shall traverse realm on realm, cleaving to none as to a home, the world of spirit wishes not to fetter us but raise us higher, step by step. Scarce in some safe accustomed sphere of life have we establish a house, then we grow [...]

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Newsletter, Celebration in Le Domaine du Fan

Dear Energyfield, Beloved Wild Geese, These are certainly strange times, with unseen occurrences and shifting energy-lines – we hope you’re riding the current chaos as best you can! Alterations, cancellations, postponements – the globe is awash with them. And caught up in this maelstrom of delay is of course our Wild Goose event for Michael’s birthday, originally planned for last year. While things could be said to be looking up as far as the pandemic goes, it seems unlikely that everything in Europe will be running smoothly by this summer. Or at the very least, we simply cannot predict how [...]

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Newsletter January 2021

Dear Friends, Wishing you all a blessed & luminous New Year. May what we went through in this last year work like a reset for everything, in order to bring forward new ways of thinking, feeling and acting. This will allow us to create together a world full of mutual respect, compassion and benevolence towards each living being including Mother Earth. As in nature, stillness and inner contemplation have also spread here in UNACHO. In this silent, sacred space we find light and love, which helps us to face up to these challenging times. At the same time, something has [...]

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Newsletter December 2020

Dear Fellow Travellers on the Path we are entering the darkest time of the year and are thrown on to ourselves more than ever with all the various regulations and regimentations in the different countries. So it seems even more important to keep the connection to the inner and to the eternal light. To clear our inner from fog, turmoil and fear creating a space so that the flame can burn bright and strong. Here are some words from Michael for contemplation, some inspiration and support: Just to Be All that we know or think we know about human beings [...]

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Newsletter November 2020

Dear Friends in the Energy Field, quite an intense & challenging time we are facing. Here is a Poem by Michael, written in the sixties: REMAINING Stay where you are, No move is for the better. Take no thought of what will come, Stay still my friend, remain. Next time you are by the side Of a stream, watch its ways, its manner of being, how it moves And yet remains. And the stars too that travel at Light year speeds, where they are They remain, To us, today. Take no steps, my friend, For they will lead away from [...]

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Newsletter September 2020

Dear Friends, It seems Autumn has arrived here finally after all these months of mostly beautiful sunny weather. There are more clouds around, the temperatures drop, as do the leaves in our garden. Here in UNACHO we are now in the midst of a big clearing out, a letting go of material things which have been stored away in the basement and around the house, much of it already taken from place to place, country to country starting with the first Wild Goose community in Belsitostraße, Zürich. Tiago is here right now supporting in the decision making of what to [...]

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Newsletter July 2020

Dear Friends in the Energy Field, last week we had another leg of the current OPT8 here with us in UNACHO and we would like to share some of it with you. This year’s OPT has been challenging, to say the least, and COVID 19 brought us yet another opportunity to step out of our usual way of doing things. Not that there has ever been a usual way, but because of the way that the virus has spread, different countries are at different stages of releasing lockdown, so the latest meeting of OPT8 was partly held at UNACHO, and [...]

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Newsletter June 2020

Dear Fellow Travellers on the Path, our beautiful and deeply touching happening on the 7th of June is still very much with us all here in UNACHO. We got so many wonderful and most grateful feedback letters after the event from people all around. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Many expressed and confirmed my feeling that the energy of all present tuning-in to each other and the universal space connected us deeply on that level plus invited Michael in very strongly. Here is just a little selection of the messages we got from all over the world: [...]

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Newsletter May 2020

Beloved Friends in the Energy Field, As you have probably heard, our plans to get together at Energy World to celebrate Michael’s birthday this year have had to be postponed to next year, due to the ‘virus situation’. But of course we want to celebrate Michael’s birthday this year – his 90th! Because of the current situation we are going to hold our celebration virtually, by using the Zoom meeting application (which is free and easy to install). So, on the seventh of June, from 4 pm to 8 pm let’s all join together in celebration, remembrance and love. The [...]

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Newsletter April 2020

Beloved Friends, These days I find myself so often full of gratitude that we have had this wonderful gift of experiencing and practicing Michael’s transformative work over so many years and that we have got so many tools we can apply now in these challenging times. Out of that I would like to share with you today an exercise Michael was introducing during the Winter Festival in Asolo 2013/14 which I find very helpful especially now and can be practiced whenever it fits. Enjoy. The exercise is one of several which can be found in the little booklet 'The Secret [...]

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