Wild Goose Summer Gathering 31 July - 04 Aug 2024

Landhaus Sonnenberg
Erbach (Odenwald), Germany


True Transformation happens when we go back to the Zero State, from where all life emerges. It is the state before the source energy moves into form.
When a caterpillar is in a chrysalis, its form dissolves completely. And from this, through Transformation, the form of a butterfly emerges.
But this can only happen when cells that carry the essence of the butterfly form enough clusters inside the caterpillar.

On the Human level, there is a network of clusters around the world. A transformation is on its way, as more and more people start living in new ways, with pure awareness of self and compassion for all beings.

The Wild Geese are such a cluster. And when we come together, a Space is created where we can all dissolve into this Zero State, and new life can unfold.



This year we will hold the Wild Goose Summer Event at Landhaus Sonnenberg, the same wonderful place we held it last year.

We will share Silence, Energywork, and Light, meeting in love and sharing the Zero State. And together we will create this state of wonder and unfold our own personal Transformations.

We would love to have you join us!

For bookings and information, please write to: info@michaelbarnett.net
Please note, it’s important that you initially book through us - partly so we can stay organised as a group, and partly because the place doesn’t want to be the initial contact for bookings.

Love, the OneLife Team