Beloved Energyfield,

Wild Geese in Flight (Indro, Kozan, Akali) and Mishka held a wonderful seminar in Belgium a few weeks ago. By all accounts it was rather astonishing and an intense combination of silence, Cosmic Energy and love.

Below is a report from them.

Love, the OneLife Team

Dearest Wild Geese,

What a beautiful time we all had during those days in Belgium! A magical gift. A powerful embrace.

From us, a big thank you to everyone who came for making the Energy is Eternal event such a strong and profound experience - amazing days of togetherness, nourishment and rejuvenation.

Here is what some of those who were there said afterwards.

“It was what I have been waiting for since our beloved Michael started his big journey: the remembrance that the simplicity and depth of his Work, the source of our being, is always there and so easily available...
In a gentle and loving way you opened the curtains for us in this 'new style' energy-workshop. Heartwarming! Thank you so much.
I will be there again. And again...

Love, Hitsu”

“Sitting together in deep silence. What a pleasure.

Dancing and singing together. What a joy.

Meeting and sharing together. How beautiful!

Thanks so much to everyone for making it happen.


“It was so wonderful to be together with the Goose family, the sessions of silent meditation, dancing and energywork so deep.

It Truely gave me energy to go deeper into my mission of healing work, meditation, yoga ...


“To sit in such a strong Silence together. 

To experience the flow of pure Cosmic Energy. 

To all share together in Michael’s amazing Work. 

To be in love with everyone!

What a total joy!

Love, Kozan”

“I want to thank you all for the beautiful group, everyone was immediately present, totally there and open. So wonderful to experience again and again that the work is so strong and deep.

Love, Hachana”

“Sitting down in the first session on Friday evening

whooom … there it was …. such a deep SILENCE.

So strong, so deep, so loving.

And it stayed throughout our wonderful time together.

Thank you to everybody - and most of all to Michael, who planted these seeds in us.

Once again, his presence was such a gift.

All LOVE, Mishka” 

“The loving and healing field was full of Light, colours, love, laughter, emotions, presence, silence, singing, going deeper, and of course philosophy. 

It really was an energy Happening and I am still nourished.

Love, SAT”

“How beautiful to see all these people coming together from different situations in their daily lives, many haven’t seen each other for years, or never before, sitting together, tuning in, and after only a short time creating a powerful, deep silent space where transformation, healing and rejuvenation can happen. And it did. True magic.

Love, Akali”

“I loved it. It’s the first time in a while I felt holy. 

It was very healing and it had a very, very high quality. 

And I’m sure I couldn’t find that anywhere else. 

I felt Michael. 

Most of all, I felt carried.

Love, love, love (Mecca)”

A massive Thank you to our incredible team, Jila and Galaya, who actually put the whole thing together! We are very grateful!

We are already planning the next Belgian seminar for later this year, in the Autumn. More news to follow!

Love, Kozan, Mishka, Akali & Indro

All photos by Sataranga, Caromax