Michael Barnett was a spiritual teacher and companion for thousands of people around the world.

His presence radiated his connection with the Cosmic Energy Space and invited us to experience it ourselves.

This website honours his legacy.

07 June 1930 / 12 November 2019

Your life was a blessing.
Your memory a treasure.
You are loved beyond words and always with us.

Your wife, your children, your family
your friends, your wild geese

To be in the presence of an enlightened teacher is a great gift.
Michael Barnett was one of those rare beings whose very presence is a teaching in itself.

He invited us to connect with the Universal Source – a space in which there are no boundaries between us and Existence.

He offered a way for you to come more fully into resonance with the Source, your own true nature.

Michael´s Legacy on this website

This website is an invitation to discover how strong and precious his teaching still is.
Michael’s words carry the energy from the universal source they came from and so they are pointers, guidelines on the path.

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