Beloved Friends,

another wonderful Wild Goose Gathering has been happening in Austria at the beginning of April.
Read below what some of the participants and Sangha members share about it.
We hope to see you on one of the next up-coming events.

Much LOVE, the OneLife Team


When this timeline of our world comes to an end
Heading towards a crash with no escape
Cause it’s the linear time thinking!
Thinking and planning in circles of time and with a deep feeling for the No-Time space- we will see….
We are already here – the Goose is out!!!!
We know that there will be a leap, a jump, a falling-
And everything will change-outside.
All energies will come home, dissolve into emptiness
The suffering will be felt strongly, and our involvement in this
And an endless number of new creations will start
Out of this dissolving
Only bring with, what is essential
And let this Body, this temple of your soul
Dance and Heal

Thank you for a most beautiful and precious coming together. I am filled with gratitude, to you as organizers, to us all as our sangha. 
Gratitude to the Divine that showered us with Grace. 
And most and for all for the deep experience of Michael's presence with us.
Thank you all from the deepest of my heart
for keeping our sangha alive
for being family
for holding hands
and the wonder of Love.

Great, deep, wonderful days in timelessness... full of light and love.. home... never-ending love story... a most biggest gift,
LoveLoveLove, Sheppy

At this place "der baum" miracles can happen.
Whereever you look, Beauty and Love is everywhere and all around, thank
you, Jason.
It was a gift to be there, it was a gift to meet many old friends and
new ones. Coming together in Michael's name is a deep exchange and a
As I see it, that is what happens. We meet on many levels and help each
other. With and without any structure carried by our Love for Michael
and his work. Being part of the whole. Connected and respected.
Love, astaranda

Joyful, playful, alive, present, simple, vulnerable, connected : this are some expressions of Being as I experienced it and shared with you all along this Wild Geese paradise island ; on the path of learning the authentic way of being and living from moment to moment, as Michael taught us to become.
I am so grateful to Sandipa, Anurahda, Jason and all sessions leaders and Geese who made this energy gathering happen, in such a beautiful Love space and place happen! 
in Love, eXamO

A shared space, a time together
Energies, emotions and experiences combined to form a Sea of Now
Both personal, and beyond the personal.
It was a sea we swam together in, smiling, sharing, opening up
The power of the physical setting, the deep sense of Sangha we all feel for each other…
I felt cared for, accepted – embraced with fierce love!
Thank you – I bow down. Kozan

I am so deeply grateful that we created these times together.
That we meet,
that we open the space,
to relax in it, to explore, to expand, to heal, to grow, to shine,
to get a glimpse of who we really are.
What a gift.
And what a freedom, to do a Michael Walk
and just be there and be open and see what comes
moment by moment.
There is joy, there is love, there is light,
let us share it and spread it out into the world!
Love, Sandipa

The gatherings in the Baum are always a highlight for me.
This place is such a jewel, such a beauty, it feels like a haven.
A Place we can all meet and create a space of love, openness and purity.
This time it was extra special because we had a day more and we had the whole place for ourselves.
So it was a complete Home Coming.
A Diving Deep into the Undercurrent that flows through everything and unites us all.
Getting nourished by the Well of Silence,
listening to the Voice of the Heart,
showing each other our Original Face.
And on top I was gifted with a celebration I could have never dreamt of.
Eterrnal gratefulness.
LOVE Mishka