The Wild Goose Gathering 26-30 June 2022

Our Wild Goose Gathering at Energy World (Le Domaine du Fan) What an amazing time we all had! Around 75* Wild Geese and friends came together at Energy World in the heart of France to (re)unite, share strong energy spaces and of course remember Michael and his Work. Many of us spent years living there or visiting regularly, and it was the centre of Michael’s work for over 4* years. The place is still vibrant and deep, and it took no time at all for us to sink into the space and reconnect with the powerful energies that are [...]

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Newsletter June 7th 2022

The Wind Laughs At You This Energy is actually beyond human life, although it can be included in human life. In a way, it is playful. It´s not serious. Like the Wind that blows peoples skirts up and knocks their hats off... takes their umbrellas up into the sky and laughs... You can hear the wind laughing... MB Beloved Energy Field Another year has passed and Michael’s birthday is here again. This special day offers the opportunity to connect with the timeless space which he has brought to us, showered over us and feel the immense gratitude for all the [...]

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Celebrate with us at the Wild Goose Gathering 26-30 June 2022

Beloveds, We would like to give you more information about our big, juicy gathering on 26-30 June this year at Le Domaine Du Fan/Energy World. At Energy World, a place still bursting with energy from Michael’s time there, we will come together both to honour Michael and his Work, and to open up to new beginnings. This is a festival that is both a reunion and a re-birth. And we are going to have fun together too! We will offer classic Wild Goose meditations, structures and Michael videos and talks. But we will also offer workshops and activities that show [...]

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Newsletter 10th Jan 2022

Dear Energy Field, Beloved Wild Geese, first of all we want to wish you a Happy New Year. We are delighted to announce that the Wild Goose Gathering is going ahead at Energy World this year! We will come together from the afternoon 26th to morning of 30th June. Uncertainty is the name of the game these days, and we know that every plan exists alongside some uncertainty– especially large group gatherings. Still, we are determined to go ahead – call it an act of protest against the tyranny of the times! Just imagine a flock of shiny, happy Geese all coming [...]

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Newsletter November 12th 2021

Dear Friends Another year has passed, already two years have gone by since Michael’s transition time. So much has happened in this past year, the most incisive one is that UNACHO is no longer. The place has been the home for Michael and us, his family, it has been a home for many beautiful people who have been living with us over the years here plus, of course, it has been the headquarters for the work – all this over the course of 17 years. Michael loved the place. In a way, it was the house he always had dreamed [...]

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Newsletter June 23rd 2021

As every blossom fades and all youth sinks into old age, so every life’s design, each flower of wisdom, attains its prime and cannot last forever. The heart must submit itself courageously to life’s call without a hint of grief, A magic dwells in each beginning, protecting us, telling us how to live. High purposed we shall traverse realm on realm, cleaving to none as to a home, the world of spirit wishes not to fetter us but raise us higher, step by step. Scarce in some safe accustomed sphere of life have we establish a house, then we grow [...]

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Newsletter June 7th 2021

Beloved Friends, Today is a Special Day, the day of Birth of our beloved Michael !!! A day to celebrate his life, - his being, - his passion for the Work, - the love he shared, - his dedication to the ONE, the Big Mystery, - his sharing of this special connection he had to the energy space with all of us, - giving thousands of people a taste of uniting with IT. What a gift he has been and still is in our lives….. What a shining light in the dark…. For this special day we [...]

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Newsletter, Celebration in Le Domaine du Fan

Dear Energyfield, Beloved Wild Geese, These are certainly strange times, with unseen occurrences and shifting energy-lines – we hope you’re riding the current chaos as best you can! Alterations, cancellations, postponements – the globe is awash with them. And caught up in this maelstrom of delay is of course our Wild Goose event for Michael’s birthday, originally planned for last year. While things could be said to be looking up as far as the pandemic goes, it seems unlikely that everything in Europe will be running smoothly by this summer. Or at the very least, we simply cannot predict how [...]

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Newsletter January 2021

Dear Friends, Wishing you all a blessed & luminous New Year. May what we went through in this last year work like a reset for everything, in order to bring forward new ways of thinking, feeling and acting. This will allow us to create together a world full of mutual respect, compassion and benevolence towards each living being including Mother Earth. As in nature, stillness and inner contemplation have also spread here in UNACHO. In this silent, sacred space we find light and love, which helps us to face up to these challenging times. At the same time, something has [...]

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Newsletter December 2020

Dear Fellow Travellers on the Path we are entering the darkest time of the year and are thrown on to ourselves more than ever with all the various regulations and regimentations in the different countries. So it seems even more important to keep the connection to the inner and to the eternal light. To clear our inner from fog, turmoil and fear creating a space so that the flame can burn bright and strong. Here are some words from Michael for contemplation, some inspiration and support: Just to Be All that we know or think we know about human beings [...]

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