OneLife Summer Newsletter

plus the LOVE&BEAUTY BLOG We all had a quite marvellous time. Never better. In the week before our vacation starts. Usually that's a bit of a difficult time for me; parts of me, especially my body, want to start holidaying a week before I do, but not this time. Too much joy to go with that. We spoke about Love and Beauty. That love is personal (as are also bliss and Oneness) – when they come, but beauty is not, it includes all that is seen as beautiful that is around. And as Buddha said to Ananda: IT (BEAUTY) IS [...]

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Spring 2017 Newsletter

Hullo Everybody! Hello Energy People, Life People, LOVE people! Today, as I write, here in Denzlingen it is 20º. I sincerely hope it's like that wherever you are too. Should give now a boost to all the spring flowers - up to now a bit slow in coming, though some trees around here are ablaze, stunning pink blossoms, bushes on fire with yellow blossoms, the usual early spring flowers, the wild ones I see on my walks, all just for starters. So far this year in our meetings we've had twice a Love&Beauty leg, an OPT leg, a WOSP, seminars [...]

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Back in 1973, just around the time I started doing evening groups in my small apartment in Hampstead with a dozen people, I did a couple of weekend groups with an American called Jacob Stattman. Jay worked with psychofantasy in a fantastic way - he was the best, and I had some tremendous experiences and insights through these times with him. Later we became good friends, even co-leading a couple of groups together in Holland. Later on he married and moved to Ibiza to live, and there I visited him for some great exchanges. By then I was involved with [...]

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2015 and all that! Newsletter December 2015

Looking back, what stands out for you, EW-wise, in this last 2015 year? Maybe your memories are better than my own, maybe too you want to let me know your highlights! Anyway I tend to leave always the past behind, but this year, not exactly! Since 8/10 I’ve been contending with the worst pain of my life, and by far the longest lasting. You will all know something about that from my line of recent blogs. It led to a cancellation of one of my own groups – for the first time since the Eighties, back in the Villa days, [...]

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September 2014 Newsletter

Wild Goose Energyfield A September Newsletter First up, we want to inform you all that the great Talks (11 of them!) from the Winter Festival in Asolo are now available in booklet form under the title The Secret Teachings. Michael’s son Kozan did all the transcripts, and then Michael added, for the booklet itself, some amazing and beautiful energy drawings. So this can now be ordered by sending us a mail, price €16. Or pick it up at one of the coming seminars… Secondly, we want to inform you all that the Winter Festival will be held again this year [...]

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EEN Summer 2014

Now starts the “Wild Goose Summer Season”, quite special this year, as we celebrate the 30th birthday of the Wild Goose Company, which took birth during the summer group in Switzerland in 1984. So surely we can expect a special Summer Festival again at Parimal, the sannyasin commune with its special celebrative flavour. As usual, there will be a session where the community members are invited to participate, which is always very enjoyable. We can also look forward to another meditation concert with Shintai and Mayadevi. And last but not least, the Saturday Night Disco Fever Explosion… The Summer Festival [...]

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Ways to connect with Michael Barnett OneLife

Recently Michael started to post short messages on Twitter. We have received some inquiries on how one can read them. So here an overview of Michael´s communication with the Energyfield: • The short messages (maximum 140 signs) Michael posts those himself every few days. They are distributed simultaniously on Twitter and Facebook. So if you are "friend" with Michael on Facebook, you will be able to read them on your wall. You can also read all of Michael´s Tweets on However, if you´d like to receive the Tweets the same moment Michael posts them, you´ll need to establish a Twitter account [...]

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New schedule in 2014 Every Tuesday and Thursday evening, when Michael is at home, there is an Open Hour for the House Team and Helpers here (and anyone else who likes to join) in the Extraordinary Space Grouproom here at UNACHO. These gatherings have a beauty, which we all here in UNACHO recognize, appreciate and totally enjoy. SASH (Soul & Spirit Hour) will happen on each and every Tuesday. PEP (Personal Energy Perfection) will happen on each and every Thursday. In these PEPs Michael works with those attending, both as one unit and also individually. Many people take advantage of [...]

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PEP (Personal Energy Perfection) in UNACHO, Denzlingen. Michael will work with everybody as one unit and individually - only 10 people per session. Drop by and fly high.

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