A Wild Goose Event in Belgium 9-11 February 2023

Energy is Eternal A Wild Goose event with Wild Geese in Flight and Mishka Belgium, 9-11 February 2024 It is always a wonderful happening when we come together as a sangha, and when we meet as a spiritual family, Michael is always with us. This weekend, we are invited to open our hearts and listen, to celebrate, and to get out of our own way so we can be spontaneously in this very moment. Together. We would love it if you joined us! Wild Geese in Flight are Indro, Akali and Kozan. As long-term students of Michael Barnett, and [...]

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Trees & Rivers Part I :: A Blog

TREES & RIVERS Part I :: A Blog 21-24/6/2018 It was for me, as if the momentum of all the seminars I have done in the world over the past 46 years - more than a thousand - was with me & us on the launching of this new One-Year Course for True Seekers over 5x4 day seminars. I, from the beginning, wanted 30 on this Course - and so it happened, 30 there are - from England, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Czech Republic & Ukraine. In 8 cars, we soon motored off to 'my very own' Trees [...]

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