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Michael Barnett
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Taking The Chariot Into The Sky

Talk Easter Festival UNACHO 21st of April 2014 18th in the series, ‘The Striking Snake’ Now, today… today is a magic word, always remember, today, any day, today…is a magic day, it is the only day when anything can happen that is real. Today, apart from being as every day is, a magic day, it is the Queen’s birthday (laughter), my queen, not your queen. You don’t have such a delight as a queen, you guys. It’s not only the Queen’s birthday but it’s also Tyran’s birthday, from the community, who is not well today unfortunately on his birthday, and [...]

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Explaining the Infinite

We’re all individuals, we all have our past and our present, and hopefully our future, and we all have our wishes and intentions and plans, and maybe destiny too, but also there’s something else which is not very well known. On the other side of the fences that we live inside there’s something else, and that is a common universal space where we are all united. It includes everybody here and everybody in the world and all living things that exist anywhere, and if you can include that in your reality then you don’t take yourself quite so seriously, amongst other things.

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Ripples In The Universe

A Talk (introduction to energy happening) So a few words to begin with. On Friday here at the Kurhaus I gave to a number of people a meditation called ‘The Oneness Meditation’, which is designed to maybe show everybody that there is only one energy which includes everything. People enjoyed that and got something from it, I know, and then yesterday I invited questions and answered questions, and the few people who asked questions in the time we had, I think they more or less all said that they had also attended the meditation on the previous day. One of [...]

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There Is No Outside You – Three Ways to Reach The Divine

Talk (download as PDF) Rainbow Spirit Festival Munich, 30th of November 2013 30th in the series ‘The Trojan Horse’ Okay, let us see what I have to say. This is Inkala who is my language medium, so if we are going to speak the same language you have to learn English because I can’t manage Deutsch, much as I try. That is my first apology. My second apology is for the way I am dressed – like this – because Mishka just told me: “Michael, how come you pick the dirtiest, sloppiest that you have got in your wardrobe?” and [...]

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Getting Free

Talk Weekend Group Salzburg, Austria 26th of October 2012 28th in the series ‘The Whispering Waters.’ There was a great master last century, who died in 1947, some of you will have heard his name because it is not easily forgotten, his name was George Gurdjieff. He came originally from Armenia, the Caucasus, but he spent most of his mature working life in France, in Paris. He said a lot of true things, and one of the things he said was, ‘Man’ – and he doesn’t exclude women in that, he means mankind – ‘is a machine, and if he [...]

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What I can bring you

An interview with Michael Barnett with scenes from a seminar. - Being at One with Life Itself I can make your spirituality real. If you come and see me then you presumably are either curious about the spiritual path or you are already on the spiritual path and then presumably you want it to be more than an idea or a hope or a possibility. So I can convert all those possiblities into something that is real and concrete and show you that it is not just an idea or a dream to fulfil yourself spiritually, but potentially anybody who [...]

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I don´t mind leaving my mind alone

A talk by Michael Barnett Now, to get back to my Zen quote: “If you leave the mind alone the mind will leave you alone”. Take that as an absolute truth, although it may be still just a theoretical truth for you. So let’s put it this way: your mind will rule the roost, or sit on the throne, as long as you let it. Then the question comes, “Why, would you allow this troublesome, tantalizing, ...interfering mind to sit on the throne if you have a choice?” Given that you have a hidden choice, why would you do that? [...]

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The Bloodstream Of Being

There is available in the universe, and also on Earth, a certain quality of energy that actually transcends and includes everything that is in the form of a life. This energy includes you and all that exists on this Earth. It can subtend all forms, it is the source of all forms, and it has created your form and all forms. Now when something creates something else, it doesn’t mean that the creating part disappears into the something else and it doesn’t mean that it transforms itself into that something else. For example, when you put hydrogen and oxygen together [...]

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No Coming, No Going

A lot of you have been here before, and some of you have not been here before. A lot of people have been here before, maybe five or six hundred people, and from those five or six hundred people, maybe thirty or forty of them are here this evening. Many of those hundreds of people have not only been here and participated in what goes on here, but have also, at the end of the seminar, received a spiritual name from me. If you went into a supermarket and saw someone standing there and you asked, ”Have you got a [...]

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