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Newsletter June 7th 2022

The Wind Laughs At You This Energy is actually beyond human life, although it can be included in human life. In a way, it is playful. It´s not serious. Like the Wind that blows peoples skirts up and knocks their hats off... takes their umbrellas up into the sky and laughs... You can hear the wind laughing... MB Beloved Energy Field Another year has passed and Michael’s birthday is here again. This special day offers the opportunity to connect with the timeless space which he has brought to us, showered over us and feel the immense gratitude for all the [...]

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Newsletter November 12th 2021

Dear Friends Another year has passed, already two years have gone by since Michael’s transition time. So much has happened in this past year, the most incisive one is that UNACHO is no longer. The place has been the home for Michael and us, his family, it has been a home for many beautiful people who have been living with us over the years here plus, of course, it has been the headquarters for the work – all this over the course of 17 years. Michael loved the place. In a way, it was the house he always had dreamed [...]

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Taking The Chariot Into The Sky

Talk Easter Festival UNACHO 21st of April 2014 18th in the series, ‘The Striking Snake’ Now, today… today is a magic word, always remember, today, any day, today…is a magic day, it is the only day when anything can happen that is real. Today, apart from being as every day is, a magic day, it is the Queen’s birthday (laughter), my queen, not your queen. You don’t have such a delight as a queen, you guys. It’s not only the Queen’s birthday but it’s also Tyran’s birthday, from the community, who is not well today unfortunately on his birthday, and [...]

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Newsletter June 7th 2021

Beloved Friends, Today is a Special Day, the day of Birth of our beloved Michael !!! A day to celebrate his life, - his being, - his passion for the Work, - the love he shared, - his dedication to the ONE, the Big Mystery, - his sharing of this special connection he had to the energy space with all of us, - giving thousands of people a taste of uniting with IT. What a gift he has been and still is in our lives….. What a shining light in the dark…. For this special day we [...]

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Prague Seminar :: A BLOG

A GLIMPSE OF ETERNITY 9/11/'08 It was 1989 when I first was there in Prague to do a Group, it was then that the Czech Republic became free of Soviet control, and they were celebrating, so much so that though they came for my seminar ('Fantastic!' group remembers Sandipa, who was assisting me there then), but a meditation group, at that time, not surprisingly, was not a national priority, so a small number slowly left the group to join the celebrating citizens around town. Soon after that, on another group, a participant brought me a notice he had seen posted [...]

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Bremen Seminar :: A BLOG

SLIDING UP THE MOUNTAINSIDE 23-25.02. 2018 HI ALL! I really enjoyed this group! 5 new people amongst them, all standouts in some way. they all touched me a lot, and I was happy that 4 of them joined the WG ENERGYFIELD, and the other was close! One of the new people even knew what I was up to when I demonstrated the Michael Walk - the first person, in maybe a dozen demos - that got it right. Very impressive! But it was clear to me throughout that this lady had already in her what we did over the weekend. [...]

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OPT6, Part 5 :: A BLOG

UNACHO, 7-11/2/18 :: A BLOG HI EVERYBODY! Here is the latest news on this scintillating OPT Training after we all met again earlier this month to continue the Path to clarity and space, and the LOVE it brings to all, and also to one another – in abundance. Here, thanks to some helpful notes from Abava – I can never, or rarely, remember hardly a thing we did after the end of a seminar, but with Abava's notes, now I can deliver! With the Intro talk - Being Inside With Me - we set the scene for the week, and [...]

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WOSP Seminar :: A BLOG

UNACHO, 25-28/1/2018 It was a mixed group, some completely new, some occasionals, some I've not seen since quite a while, now popping up again, and, as always, some regulars. But I know this was a really great group. At the end people were still, silent, awake, glowing, and full of good cheer, with lots of celebration at the end when they came together, each one emerging out of his or her personal energy space that they had been contained in, through the silence. Rama writes: I want to thank you for a completely wondrous WOSP group. Honestly I had expected [...]

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The Winter Festival :: A BLOG

ONLY LOVE REDEEMS Sampurna, 27/12 - 1/1    Thank you for the most beautiful days ever, writes Jila. That was probably the most beautiful 90 mins of my life, said my daughter San Chi after one such session. Thank you for a most fantastic Winter Festival. On the morning of the 31st you took me for a walk in the circle of people, and it was like we were walking in the heavenly paradise of light. All light beings were there with us. It was so magnificent and magical. I felt so free and at home and in total peace, [...]

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Happy Christmas!

Beloved Wild Geese, Here we are in UNACHO on the 25th of December, Christmas Day.  Ready to make every day from now on also a Christmas Day! LOVE to You All Michael, Mishka and everyone else here on this photo

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