23-25.02. 2018


I really enjoyed this group! 5 new people amongst them, all standouts in some way. they all touched me a lot, and I was happy that 4 of them joined the WG ENERGYFIELD, and the other was close! One of the new people even knew what I was up to when I demonstrated the Michael Walk - the first person, in maybe a dozen demos - that got it right. Very impressive! But it was clear to me throughout that this lady had already in her what we did over the weekend. Resonance from first to last.

The Michael Walk is becoming recognized by many as pretty sensational, the feedbacks overwhelming in their praise and receptivity to it, here again, and specially so.

The Universe is your neighbour, but on the other side of the fence. With this way of being (for a while!) you are also on the other side of the fence.

On that Saturday that we were in action there, so was the local football team - against their neighbour and bitter rivals, Hamburg. There were only 3 men on the seminar, and maybe that is why - competitive attraction! The Werder Bremens were staying Friday night (it has happened before too) in the same hotel as me, mostly on my floor, and time and again I shared the lift down with them, all in their coloured casuals.

Hours before the kick-off at 18.30, sirens were going off almost continuously as ambulances and police cars rushed all over town to deal with fan fights - and where we were in our new (to me) grouproom was just a stone's throw from the stadium. Later, when Judah picked me up at my hotel to drive me to the town theatre where we were having dinner, it was close to the end of the game and the score, he informed me, was still 0-0. Then on the way there, there came a tremendous roar, as the Bremens scored and so won the game. Well, I'm reluctant to claim credit for that - but maybe! A nice payback for the town's hospitality!

Friday evening, as we had a number of new people, I gave an introductory talk, explaining how the work worked, and playing a certain much loved song, which contains the words - Explaining the Infinite, and I adopted that as the title for the talk - maybe it can go on the website too, for newcomers, if it can be managed...

Thank you very much for coming to the north again and spending your time with us. Surrendering to the cosmos I managed to drive home through ice and darkness, through snow and more snow. It has been a brilliant time for me, like the fresh snow we have had here, sparkling in the sun, now splitting up into thousands of diamonds. Much much love Raymondo.

Fantastic days in Bremen! Somehow there was a golden thread throughout the seminar that I had not experienced before. Even in the times between the sessions, so it was. This resonance with you and the cosmic energy is so strong, it is the base of my life every day, even when we are not together. But the love that blows me away THAT very much needs your presence. I am so grateful to be part of this and being with you - that's beyond words. LOVE Shanti

This weekend in Bremen was full of joy. To see and feel the new people opening up was deeply touching, it is surely the most precious gift to be with (someone like) You. And the Michael Walk proves to be the Master Key, and I am humbly and gratefully using it. All my Love Jila

What a blessed seminar we have had with you again. The energy space to fall into, the deep love to you, to everyone in the group - to life itself. I have no words to describe how the Michael Walk was for me - a feeling of aliveness and freedom, a coming home. It was beyond...magic. Thank you in deep love Summona

Judah was my good & reliable assistant in the group and also my chauffeur, back and forth to the hotel, and he took me to the airport at the end. He kept insisting it would be quick. no hurry, but my experiences with airports tells me different. In the event the time taken from the group place to the lounge in the airport, door to door, was 25 mins! The airport was like a ghost town, almost.

Mishka met me off the flight in Frankfurt. We then met Kali, mother of my daughter Buji and still close friend, in a Japanese restaurant in Hofheim where she lives with Boaz - it felt like my first 'japonian' meal since I joined her and her Mum quite often in such a one in my days living with her in Düsseldorf. We stayed overnight with Kali, great exchanges night and morning, then we drove back to Frankfurt to visit my daughter Buji - and her 3 month old daughter, and have a slap-up breakfast. Later, our son Madi joined us there - he's in the middle of his exams, 5 or so in 10 days - and we managed a lunch with him in a Vietnamese restaurant, looked in on his quarters there, wished him luck for his final exam on Friday, after which - plus some studental weekend celebrations there - he will be home for some weeks on vacation.

Here, this morning - Wednesday, it was -9º when I went to the skin-doctor for a minor item, now all clear. I couldn't get into the Universal Space with it - tried to disappear into my inner private warmth instead! Next up for me, with a weekend break in between, is Prague, where it's currently -10º during the day, and -16º at night. That's quite a long distance away, that's true, and 9 days away too. Who knows, spring might be by then cracking the ice, or even making this cold spell just a shocking memory!

Then a weekend later I'm again in Berlin. So many times have I been there since my first seminar visit there 40 years ago, it almost feels like writing 'London'!

Hope you're all keeping warm - or maybe in some mad cases, actually enjoying the cold and the snow, but of course when and where we meet it's always spring and summer...