Abava writes:

We were just reading your poem for the Lamplighters - as usual it was spot on and it all came true:

Burn your candle bright,
Protect it through the night,
And then let your light leap
To all those who surround you!....

What an amazing training this has been, different to all the others, and this week has been different to any others that we have shared.

You set the tone with your introductory talk, 'Who You Are' and we found new depths in the classic meditations, for example 'Passing the Gift' has never unfolded in such a profound way. But more than that it was your simple presence whether in sitting or in action that radiated the depth of your teaching.

Throughout the week, time and time again you gave direct and deeply personal insights to all of the participants. 'Murder' you called it, after one session, but in reality it was rebirth and liberation for all.

The personal heat in the grouproom was added to by the weather conditions outside, and after the final teachers' meeting in the late evening on Friday, the spectacular thunderstorm was like a manifestation of your zen teachings in the 'Clearing Skies' sessions.

Throughout the week, as a team, we were pushed to our limits and beyond, and this was passed on to the participants who received an end to the training like never before.

Simply a joy, with all our love Tiago & Abava

There were of course some great talks - for all! - Living Virgin, after the Michael Walk, then after Passing the Gift, Through Someone to Everyone. Then there was, as always towards the end of this Course, the Tao Walk in the countryside followed by the great feedback session, Nature Stories. Then came another talk on the cosmic connection: The Constant Companion (yes, it is!), and then finally the Q&A, Last Boats from Alcatraz.

Like in many parts of Europe we were labouring under close to forty degrees every day, meals in the garden in the shade of our wonderful trees here, a great team of helpers from Kiev, the Czech Republic, and from more 'local' places too, so everything around the group went totally smoothly, there were trips to the local lakes, and also for the whole group - in small groups - a trip into Freiburg, mixing with the summer crowds there...

Not yet comments from the participants, I think because it was all beyond words.

In a couple of days we are off to Parimal for a very popular and well-attended Summer Festival, maybe more than ever before, so a big welcome there, also as always from those who live and work there.

Then it's home here again to kick off OPT8, LAUGHING BUDDHAS - still time to join!