Beloved Energyfield,

Wild Geese in Flight (Indro, Kozan, Akali) and Mishka had another tremendous seminar earlier this month, this time in Copenhagen, Denmark. For many it was a real homecoming and a happening ripe with unity and a sense of Sangha.

Here is a report on the event.

Love, the OneLife Team

Dearest Wild Geese,

The Bright Full Moon event was an amazing time of togetherness and sharing. From the start, there was a deep sense of intimacy, family and sheer joy in each other’s presence. Strong energies were constant, and their flow created a powerful stream that swept us all along!

Here are some words from those who were there.

"What a joy to see you guys! And so great to meet old friends and new ones!
I enjoyed letting myself explore the energyfield in a new and tender way, and soon it showed it was strong and vibrant - and Michael was with us.
Lots of moments, which I will carry the taste of into my daily life, and thank you for reminding me of our oneness! See you soon.
Lots of joy, bags of love and heaps of hugs for you four!
Yours, Minerva” 

“The energy was very strong, from the very beginning of the weekend till the end. In a cosy group room in Copenhagen an energyfield was created where we could all safely explore, and show and share our authenticity. It felt like being on an enchanted island, and these seminars certainly somehow feel like that… and yet I wish this could be the new ‘normal’ in our society.
Lots of Love, Akali”

“The group was such an encouraging experience for me. Well worth the journey from rural Shropshire to Copenhagen. To know that the Michael space is within all of his students and when we come together it manifests. 
I was hoping to get something, maybe 80 percent, of the experience but actually we did much better than that. Michael would be so glad to see his Work continuing and gaining strength. Now, back at home I have only to recall the music to locate the space. I hope to see at least some of you again soon.
Love, Gourishankar.” 

“We came together in a beautiful seminar room in a nice area in Copenhagen.
Many old faces and quite some of them have been around right from the beginning of the Wild Goose Company. It became clear that Denmark played quite a central part in the early days of Michael’s work.
So no wonder that as soon as we were sitting together in that all-embracing silent space, each and every one of us dived deep and felt nourished in the core of their being. 
And of course Michael was there with us throughout.
Once again deeply grateful for all.
Love from the Deep, Mishka”

“The silences were uniquely deep – like sinking into one of the dark holes of the universe – and the energy constellations turned into explosions of love energy – like a new star being born.
Again, I was deeply touched and thankful for this continuation of what happened in Michael’s time.
Love, Om”

“Finding myself and meeting each other in such a beautiful space fills me with gratitude. The source of our being was so available.
Being silent and full of love, meditating, listening - and dancing as well.
Thanks a lot to everybody for this heartwarming togetherness.
Always Love, Indro”

"It was wonderful: Very strong and loving energies, and a community feeling.
Love, Sogala”

“Like blossoms gently falling to the ground, we touched one another
We danced as one, swirling, flowing, shining brightly
We sat together while the Universe sang a lullaby of truth
The colour of love is Silence. And together, we were Silence itself.
Love, Kozan”
A big, big Thank you to Om, Annwyn, Shanti and Karista for all their hard work and support!

We’re already looking forward to the next one!

Love, Akali, Mishka, Kozan & Indro