Michael Barnett

Michael Barnett

Michael Barnett’s presence radiates his connection with the Cosmic Energy Space and invites us to experience it ourselves.

He is a spiritual teacher and companion for thousands of people around the world.

In his seminars he invites us to connect with the Universal Source – a space in which there are no boundaries between us and Existence.

His talks are full of humour, compassion, and insight as he speaks about the challenges of daily life, the ego, love, relationships, the spiritual path, and much, much more. He often refers to the wisdom of other spiritual teachers and traditions, such as Zen, which is especially close to his heart.

His Work

Michael lives in Denzlingen, Germany, which is his base for advanced courses and trainings.

The most powerful way to connect with Michael´s Teaching is by being in his presence.
He offers seminars throughout Europe and the world, in which he invites us to become ever more aware of our connection with the Universal Source, which is our own true nature.

His Teaching

Michael Barnett is one of those rare beings whose very presence is a teaching in itself.

To be in the presence of an enlightened teacher is a great gift.

Michael Barnett is a pioneer of energy work. Using his natural gifts, he began exploring a way, in the early Nineteen-seventies, to develop a unique form of energy work that invites everyone who comes to his seminars to resonate with the subtle energies which are always available in and all around us. As we become more aware of the cosmic energy that is our Source – the Source of all that is – our lives are enriched on every level, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The more we connect consciously with these fine energies, the more we discover the truth about who we are, and the more awake and fully alive we become.

If you are asking the big questions – Who am I? What is my soul’s purpose? Is there more to life than just trudging through my daily routines? – Michael won’t answer them for you, but learning from and with him can help guide you to your own answers. And maybe his teachings will bring you to that point where there are no more questions, where you just know for yourself.

Michael Barnett’s teaching is characterized above all by his ability to tune in to each individual person who comes to his seminars and allow the Universal Energy to flow through him in the way each person can best receive it. His seminars include individual energy work as well as group processes, personal inner exploration, heart-centred music, movement, deep silence, fun and laughter, insightful talks, question/answer periods when each question receives a response based on what best meets that questioner’s individual needs at the moment, and, always, the dynamic of his simple presence.

Michael Barnett offers a way for you to come more fully into resonance with the Source, your own true nature.

His Life

Born and raised in London, UK, Michael graduated from Cambridge University in Maths and Law. He was a highly successful businessman for a while, then a world traveller. Returning to London, he set up the lay movement known as "People Not Psychiatry" and established his own growth centre, “Community.”

In 1974, he became a disciple of the Indian teacher Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (Osho), and made a name for himself as leader of intensive seminars in Poona and other Rajneesh centres around the world. In 1982, he left this movement and started attracting students who formed a community which became known as The Wild Goose Company.

His way led him and his community from Zurich to Lago Maggiore in Italy, to southwestern France, where a large community project was developed. In this community people from five continents lived and worked together.

More recently, Michael, his wife Mishka and their family moved to Denzlingen, near Freiburg, Germany, where Michael Barnett OneLife was born – the name for his worldwide activities.

Michael has written over 40 books in English, many of which have been translated into several other languages, as well as some books which appear only in foreign language versions. Apart from his creativity as teacher, Michael Barnett is a man with varied interests and facets: he’s a passionate family father, soccer fan, car enthusiast, reader of many books, wine connoisseur, and most of all, simply one of us.

It is his mere presence, his authenticity, his living in the Here and Now, his humour and his clarity which everyone who comes in contact with him appreciates.