Beloved Wild Goose Energy Field,

Spring is in the air and everywhere the buds are opening and more and more flowers and blossoms appear. Somehow this is reflecting a bit how our Wild Goose Energy Field is waking up again from a kind of sleep and many beautiful happenings and possibilities are showing up where we can share and rejoice in the beautiful work Michael has been gifting us with.

Please find below a letter from Abava with his beautiful contributions.

Much LOVE, the OneLife Team

Dear Beloveds,

I hope that you are well and enjoying the signs of Spring arriving after what has been a wet winter here on the Sceptred Isles. I would like to offer you some more options for the blossoming Wild Goose Calendar of events.

Point Your Finger to the Moon

If you are quick and feel pulled to jump, you can still join Supatra and I for our second group in Liguria, Italy. It is looking like it will be a smaller group of complete beginners, so if you would like to join us in introducing them to energy work and welcoming them to the energy field, you would be most welcome. 

For more details, please contact Lucia on – she will let you know our new group location and a range of accommodation options to meet you needs.

The Holy Council of Fools

At Point Your Finger to the Moon, we will be announcing the start of a new ongoing group for those who would like to go deeper into the work, and their own personal process. It will be a private and supportive group staring online, across a variety of platforms, and eventually we will meet up for in person.

If you are drawn to this, it is by application only, so please write to me at .

Energy Explorations

After three and a half years, my online sessions are still going strong. The format remains the same, in that it is run like a group session, but we have moved from exploring Body Flow to now using a much wider variety of Michael’s meditations.

The next session will be on March 18th where we will be connecting with our solar plexus and exploring the Expanding Self meditation. You can join us by following this link: 

Kyiv Group – online

There will also be an opportunity to meet online for the now quarterly Kyiv Group. This group is open for all and we usually do two or three sessions on a Saturday morning, depending on what is happening in Ukraine.

The next group is on Saturday April 6th 2024, and you can join us by registering through the following link: 

Supporting the Ukrainian Energy Field

Many of you have sent donations to support Geese caught up in the war in Ukraine. You have contributed to providing safety equipment to our brothers and sisters who are on the front line, supported those further back and those moving supplies between the two. You have also helped people get to safety, and for all of this I am extremely grateful. 

But the war goes on and just this week we helped a Goose who is being sent to the front without enough equipment for his platoon to meet their needs in that dangerous environment.

The funds we have raised are starting to run down, and there are more Geese who need help in their various roles. Every penny goes to someone who has been in a group room with us, or to the project they are working on, so please, if you can spare a little, or a lot, please contact me and I will provide you with the details of where you can donate.

I can’t thank you enough for your continued support for our friends on the front line, and for supporting the groups that help continue and expand Michael’s energy field.

With much love