A letter to the Energy Field

These are some words that Michael spoke in Darshan to the House Team on Wednesdays, the 28th of August 2019, which he wants to share with all of you:

So this man, Bhagwan Osho, died twenty-nine years ago, and the place where he did most of his work, in India, is flooded with people still, finding something. To go back further, there are of course in India many places where great teachers lived, The Mother who followed where Aurobindo lived is also packed, Ramana Maharshi’s place is every day packed. Bodh Gaya also has many visitors and pilgrims. So this energy that these people created stayed after them for a long time, and people can smell it and receive. When Mishka went down to Energy World a few weeks ago, it wasn’t, “Ah, this is the place where we were for some years, meditating and exploring. What was there when we were there is still there, in every tree, in every room, in every thing.” In places like that there are no ‘things;’ things that were things are transformed.

So when I’m not here anymore, then where are you going to find it? But it’s in every cubic centimetre of this house that I’ve lived in. The quality is there, and you have to transfer that to every centimetre inside yourselves. So you can enjoy yourself here, and you can get a lot from being here, but I would like you to move from that to feeling wonder. The wonder has to happen in oneself, not in what you find wonderful, because when you find it in yourself, something wonderful, that wonder is not shared by many, if any. The wonder is in you. So right now in the series, I place wonder above bliss and love and silence and peace. I place wonder because there’s such an aliveness in wonder, and when you find your own wonder then you find everywhere around you more easily that which holds you in wonder.

Now, I’m not very mobile anymore but the other day I took my little walk around the block here, a residential area, just the back street, and the flowers and the bushes and other things, sometimes they make me spellbound with their beauty. Simple things, a bush, a plot of land, a cat wending its way. Paradise in the hand, in the heart! So I find that just wandering around the neighbouring streets. When you find wonder you lose yourself – you give yourself to that which you find wonderful.

So I guess in the next days and weeks we’ll be getting quite a lot of visitors to the house, for meditations, visits, friendship, love. What everybody brings is a precious thing – their love and their openness – so please welcome them with open arms, and be in the UNACHO space as much as you can when they’re here.

We know that when we have seminars here and we have a team coming beyond the regular team, which is you guys, then when the group is over it always happens that people, apart from their gratitude to me – and if it’s an OPT then the team – they always say, “What a great background team there was for us.” Not just that you did a good job, but you were part of the energy field they experienced here. So as always, please receive all who come here with devotion to them and their connection with the divine. That’s what draws them.

Barusa writes after a short visit to the house:
Thank you so much for having me in the house yesterday with the goose family! It has been so wonderful to be there …. with you and all the wonderful house people from far and near.
THANK YOU so much for being with us …in spite of all your pains and body troubles…. And letting us being in your presence and touching our hearts, spirit, soul – everything!

And Supora:
It is very beautiful to have the opportunity to come to your evening hours on Tuesday and Thursday.
It is giving me the feeling of being a community member without living in the Sangha. At least the flavour. And I thank you for giving us that window of opportunity.

So when it’s my time to go, really nothing cosmic will stop. You can’t take away what has been laid down amongst you all, all over the world. That will not go when I go, you’re stuck in it now! (And it in you.)

Sending you my best wishes for a great life touched by the divine that you have all experienced many times in your lives, a connection that now belongs to you, and does not need my physical presence.

All my LOVE