We were a remarkable collectivity group of 40, participants from the Eighties, Nineties, Zeros and so on and even a sannyasin who was with me in my own sannyasin days in Brussels in the very early Eighties, amongst them old friends not seen for some years, plus all those who joined the WGC there in Vienna last year... And also Mishora, first time for some years - he was a member of the WG Team for 4 years back in the late Nineties and into the next. (At dinnertime together on Saturday he was stretching his arm across the table to take my empty plates, just like in the old days, and just so, without adding anything, not even a look!) He also said, Now I have to start again! I said, No way! You never lose what you gain in my groups! Just continue!

So when they all blended...!

Which they did, in a remarkable way. Actually, quite astonishing. What a calm yet rip-roaring group! Such intensity of presence, and for me, such a pleasure.

Cardo writes: Great seminar, love, joy, freedom, dancing, having sex with the wall of the group room, being at home, one with borderless vibrating life, deep love for you as my... master, fits best.

Afterwards, Sandipa asked me why I had spent so much time speaking of Enlightenment. I told her it was because I was in that state more or less the whole time we were there together. The group there in the room with me, then disappearing, back and forth, always there of course, but only off & on, physically. The place I was in, so complete, so wordless - and then not!

Anjelo writes: What a weekend! Thank you so much! It had a totally different quality for me this time - somehow very light, in both meanings of the word. Normally I'm not much into talks or the topic of enlightenment either but these two talks about enlightenment stuck with me! There were moments of no-mind, real silence, it was so beautiful & sweet, such a relief! And it didn't interfere with my functioning in the world in any way, more to the contrary because there was no mind distracting me. Ah! What a pleasure. Was that a first glimpse or taste of enlightenment? Fact is I want more of that - a lot more of that! The opening of the curtain...now everything is a little bit different... With all my love and light to you, Anjelo

Somehow the whole group arranged itself energetically into a mandala. Sitting there, being together, it all just fitted. A unity - without me arranging it directly. Everyone contributing - without really knowing it. The cosmos providing...

Cardo also writes: When I first saw you, it was the evening of the Winter Festival in 1987. It started with Disco Dancing. I was one of 236 participants. You passed by me and looked shortly at me. For the two hours following that look I lived in the realization that there is no problem, no question, no answer, the contraction of the self gone, everything is perfect as it is. At that time I was 24 years old.

He adds: The Sufis say, When we meet a teacher, we are given a glimpse of where this will take us, in visions, dreams, or inner experiences...

And also: I have participated in many groups, in many countries, but I see that on my spiritual search you were and are the greatest gift life had for myself. There is only love and gratefulness to you. THANKS SO MUCH LOVE LOVE LOVE Cardo

From Miridya: Thank you so much for this wonderful seminar. The energy is so subtle, delicate and intense in such a short time! It is so precious to be part of it! Thank you very much.

Sataranga, the film-maker: It was so healing and regenerative as never before. I'd forgotten how this feels. Anyway it was a real 'touchpeace' experience, inside and out.

And then, my host and organizer, Sandipa: Yes, yes, yes, it was an incredible deep and strong weekend, full of light. Often the whole room seemed to be flooded with light and all the people radiating in it. Everybody so precious, so beautiful in his or her being. And what a joy and blessing to be there with you. Such a gift you are part of my life.

So we finished up as usual with some favourite tracks, flat out dancing. Then after all the loving tender goodbyes, I was off with my close disciples and friends, Sandipa & Anuradha, to their home outside Vienna. We went out to dinner then together, to a restaurant in a local village - which was just terrific. Do they know about cooking there! Best meal I've had since ages. Then back home, another glass of wine together, and then we 'hit the hay'.

I was up early, Monday, morning coffee and then my friends were down too - Anuradha, a doctor of course, of his own kind! Long chats with him about energy and medicine, very rewarding for us both, as usual. Then a long walk along a lake, pause for Anuradha to jump in and splash around a bit, 2 hours all told, over just in time!

Then lunch together at home, and then the drive to the airport, left for Basel on time, arrived on time too, and there was Mishka, with Priya, to meet me.

So, alongside me in Wien, they were at Le Domaine du Fan, known to all Wild Geese as Energy World, where so many of us lived for 4 years together in the Nineties - so many since saying that it was the highpoint of their lives. Why were they there, to meet up with Shatura, who still owns and runs the place? Because next year on and around 7/6/2020 'we' are going there for a Festival and Celebration. And a Renewal. And, as Mishka is sure, a Completion of the Circle. She was so touched by being there, could hardly tell me of it through her beating heart and her tears - sure it would be the same for me there too, when I come. And for many many! So over a curry in Freiburg I got the whole story, in exchange for mine from Vienna!

So now I get a break, leading up to the end of OPT7, then the hop on to OPT8, and of course our annual Summer Event in Parimal.

Then later, after some more groups around in Hamburg, Kiev & Copenhagen, in October, we load the boat for that very special Course: Coming Home!