31/7 - 4/8 '19

We were 80, including staff (Mishka, Tiago, Akali and I), the most for many a year...Of course back in the late Eighties and early Nineties for the SF & WF we would get twice that number and sometimes 200 and more...

Still, the group room there, Buddha Hall, was packed, and the Parimal residents had to create lots of space, so that everybody who was in the group could be accommodated there.

Our Saranta, who lives and works there, in the organizing of all visiting groups there, writes: Thanks so much for this wonderful Summerfestival in Parimal! Such a pleasure, joy and honour for the place and the commune that you were our guests. I wrote to the commune that the 'Flowers of Love' will blow the fragrance (Parimal means 'fragrance') of Michael & Osho across the place. And so it was.

It was a very special group, alright. Every session was cosmic. Every participant, new or old, was totally there throughout. Each time I came in, every session, the whole room was One, and then whatever we did, or did not seem to do, there was no one 'outside' it.

(Personal health issues impeded me there, but not in this Buddha Hall, not one bit.)

Andriana writes: All I could wish for...

Daivika writes: Once again you have shown me that heaven is just another place on earth. During these wonder-full days I kept opening my eyes to engrave the beauty of this 'Heaven' deep in my heart. I hope some day to fill my own scrapbook with such a heavenly beauty you show us again & again. You will always be my shining guiding light.

From Chandrika: What a wonderful time in this big energy family - leading under your presence. On my way home there was a beautiful rainbow in the sky - the perfect symbol for the perfect time - let it come- let it be - let it go. Thanks to you and to all!

And from Dabola: Thank you so much for this great summer festival. I could see that it was only up to me to let go of my movies. And to try every moment to connect with the cosmic energy and bliss. IT is always there. You are such a great example. And then to Tiago, there: Michael has saved my life. And as he wrote after to me.

From Astaranda: What you are offering us is simply the best. Being with you has been the greatest gift ever. And that is why I will join you again and again.

Pralama from Copenhagen writes: Thank you for a beautiful Summerfestival. The 5 days like one piece of Music. My soul is deeply touched and I am for ever grateful that my path led me to you. Such a magnificent gift you are for all. It's so incredible that I have found my spiritual home. Inside myself and you. I feel carried by the invisible every day. One day Heaven on Earth. "Oh when will they ever learn, when will they ever learn? Thank you Michael.

From Supora: I feel grateful for all the work you did with me. In all these years. It seems to be like a tremendous expansion happening in me. You are the one pulling me on a very fast track on my path.

Everything is touching me, every moment blessed, the soul singing, dancing, flying, the body flowing, almost overwhelmed, The heart takes it with it. Yes I'm on my way with both feet on the ground. Love Bindu

And from Jila: What a week it has been. The most important days of my life, the strongest teaching ever. Cosmic waves were coming in, I felt I was drowning, taking away my precious life. My tears became a river, it was hurting so much. Then on Sunday morning you were in the middle of our circle dancing the most beautiful dance my eyes ever saw...
When I came to Poona in 1978 the first and only groups Osho sent me to were Leela and Awareness (mine, there). He handed me over to you. You have been my Guide all along. You invited me to follow you all the way. I said yes. And I still say yes. Will always say yes.

From longstanding total disciple, Sutiro: Dear Michael. Dear Teacher, Beloved Master. What a great seminar, what a great teaching, every moment, every second, every word. A concentrate of the work, coming from beyond. Thank you very much and wishing you a lot of love.

And from son, Kozan: Well, it was a unique group. I mean they're all unique, but this one was especially unique. As powerful as ever. With a new quietness - but a sharp kind of quietness, filled with awareness and wakefulness. And a very soft communal spirit amongst the participants. (True!)

Saranta also writes: Tiago asked me to run the Bodyflow on Sunday. And so I did. For months I have been wanting to offer Michael's Meditations like Bodyflow, Energy Release Meditation, Soma, in Parimal, to build up the energyfield here. What do you think?
Saranta, a thousand times, Yes!

Last evening, Saturday, as usual we ran a disco, through Kozan, Akali & Indro.

It was packed, not only with us but equally with guys from our hosts in Parimal, side by side. Kozan tells me though, that it was different from the usual disco there, in that there was a lot of stillness around between the tracks, and even when the tracks were playing...

There were important talks: That Other World, No Limits Anything, All & Nothing, My Magic Number and Q&A - The Gift of the Universe.

Then at one point in the seminar I made a short statement, out of the blue - something like this:

I do not much care about going to Heaven or Paradise or to the Mountain where all the past Buddhas collect, because I have tasted Heaven many times on this Earth, and that will do me...(Heaven on Earth - 1 minute!)

Back here late Sunday, then two days ago, Tuesday, we launched OPT8 - with participants from the Ukraine, Czech Republic, Holland, Germany, Austria. Italy, Belgium. We had a great start-off!

What's next lies still in the Unknown...