So we've lost Saranda. In life anyway.

On Saturday 29/6 I got this mail from Sarvasati:

This night, Saranda left this world.

We were not exactly surprised. We knew she was desperately ill, in The Ukraine, now at her mother's place in the countryside.

On Monday 17/6, Mishka, who had been running a seminar there in Kiev, visited her, with Sarvasati, and spent 5 hours more or less alone with her. Reporting back when she returned. Her news about Saranda, on a physical level anyway, was pretty shattering. Saranda could barely so much as stand up. Clearly had little time left here on Earth with us. Still - a shock.

She became a Wild Goose on 13/6/2010. From then on she was very active. Participated in every group in Kiev of course but a lot more besides. She managed to come frequently to UNACHO and join many major groups and activities here:

  • X-Run 2012-14
  • OPT2 2013-14
  • Sunflower Training 2014
  • OPT3 2014-15
  • X-Run 2014-16
  • Enlightenment Circle 2015
  • OPT5 2016
  • A Course in Love&Beauty 2016-17
  • Easter Festival 2017
  • Mind & Body 2017
  • Trees & Rivers 2018-19.

In every case finding ways to travel here from Kiev - with visas not always so easy, especially in the earlier days.

She also spent time with us here in the house - Streaming - and always so welcome too. Such a lovely lady...

ALSO, in Kiev, many times my seminars there were held in the place where she worked. We took it over for the 80+ people who regularly many other contributions in these times...

Prakasha from Kiev writes: Today, when I learned about Saranda...I was in nature, tears of regret went...I looked up into the sky, it was so bright blue and I saw huge white clouds...felt the movement of air, as the foliage of trees the wind plays in the strands of six dogs running...I felt that now Saranda was spread in this whole space. Coming out of their form. Now she is poured everywhere. Much Love

And from Nekai from the USA: She has a candle burning here too (as we, Mishka & I did too through Saturday night). So good you got to visit her when you were in Kiev, Mishka.

There is sadness, but also knowing how beautifully she walked through the fire of this time, and how it transformed her. So Love to you, to her, to all of us in remembering and absorbing the teaching she became.


So she departs. But not altogether. We met in the Timeless, and that Timelessness is still here, along with her too. No question.

Love Michael