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When Jesus Comes Down

There was this prophet, well-known to everybody here I’m sure, his name was Jesus. He said many great things, and I’m a great fan of Jesus and his time with us a long time ago. One of the statements that he made during his time was, “When two or three of you are gathered together in my name, I will be there.” Every time I do a seminar, wherever it is in the world, then I know that something like that is there.

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Who Ages?

Q&A Porto Venere 9th of April 2017 18th in the series ‘Continuity’   https://michaelbarnett.net/mp3/tom/2017/20170409_Who_Ages.mp3   Tashara: If we are energy, why do we grow older? But we don’t, only the body does. The body is not just universal energy, we need all sorts of other energies to live our life on this earth, and those energies are not timeless. The spiritual path leads to the timeless, and if you find the timeless and then the part of you that is in time, which is the body, dies, the timeless part of you will not die. The timeless part of you [...]

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The Big Trap

We search, we see a glimpse of something, the glimpse becomes stronger and we jump in, maybe to that which we glimpsed, and we feel good and then we want to hold on to it, don’t we? And then when it all tumbles down, and maybe we find ourselves even so down that we are on the floor, then we feel terrible and wonder what happened to that great state we found. That’s the big trap, but what is a description of that trap, anybody knows?

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Just One Look and We Are In Love

Talk Unacho 8th of February 2017 29th in the series ‘The Grass Roots”   https://michaelbarnett.net/mp3/tom/2017/20170208_Just_One_Look_And_We_Are_In_Love.mp3   I’ve been listening to reports on your experiences, states of being and lifestyles as a result of the Rebirthing session you did in the autumn and your Winter Festival experiences. And what you’ve been able to leave behind, and what you haven’t been able to leave behind. The process of evolution has at the present time human kind as the outstanding representative of the evolution of living beings. And the continuation of that, as I have seen since a young age, has to come [...]

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The Positivity of Negativity

We live in this world so we are going to be touched by it, we don’t have to stick our heads in it but we are touched by it, and then some things not so gross as those things, little things or comparatively smaller things can happen in your life; with troubles, as I said before, with intimate people, you think everything is going beautifully with somebody, a friendship or a relationship, and suddenly: ‘My God, someone has betrayed me and gone off with somebody else so I feel negative,’ and then you either react too strongly or you try and ignore it, and I am saying, well, let that sink in and accept it, let it come in and let it take you out of your light into a feeling of darkness, maybe, or unhappiness, and then you sit with it. Still your light is there, it hasn’t obliterated your light, and then out of the mixing of that you suddenly find that you are capable of walking on in your life, and in a way that has changed from before the event; that negativity has in a way produced more positivity in you afterwards. Really, it gives you more positivity because you see that you have dealt well with the negativity, and that is a big plus for you and makes you joyful, on a deep level it makes you joyful: ‘I dealt with it, I thought I was going to be labouring with dealing with this maybe for a long time, but I took it in and I let it move my system and I felt my system reacting negatively to it, I took it in and allowed it to be there and I carried on with my life, and suddenly I feel that that has given me a new jump in dealing with life.

You Are More than Your Life

When you play, when children play, the play is out there, and they know in a way that they are playing. Even if they get lost in the play, which is a good thing to do sometimes, still in some place inside them they know that this is a play, so when you play you retain a connection with that which is beyond play, and that goes back to what I began to say this morning, to learn and realize and live the fact that you are more than your life.

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A Cosmic Confession

There is what I might call an original energy out of which specific energy comes. We are all specific energies, every one of us. There has never been a repetition. Now that they are doing cloning there might start to be some repetitions, copying, but otherwise it’s incredible that of all the people that have lived, and not only the people but animals as well, there has never been a repetition. They even say with leaves that there’s never a repetition, that no two leaves have ever been exactly the same.

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Letting Life Live You

The idea of loving oneself is completely ridiculous. I mean, you are yourself, you have no choice but to be yourself. As soon as you say you are supposed to love yourself you have got two people there, the lover and the loved, and the loved doesn’t always do what the lover wants him or her to do, and so you say ‘I don’t love myself.’ Don’t divide yourself up into the judger and the judged, you have no alternative but to be who you are right now.

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