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Sharing the Silence – A Wild Goose event in Prague, 19-21 April 2024

Sharing the Silence A Wild Goose event with Wild Geese in Flight Prague, 19-21 April 2024 After amazing Groups recently in Belgium and Denmark (where they were joined by Mishka) Wild Geese in Flight’s next seminar is in Prague, Czechia. This will be a non-residential, full weekend seminar and has already attracted much attention. It will include an introductory session on Friday to which ‘new’ people will be invited. Here are some words and information about this upcoming seminar. Love, the OneLife Team Wild Geese in Flight are Kozan, Indro and Akali. “As long-term students of Michael Barnett, and [...]

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“We are the holy flame” – Goosegathering in Austria, 24-26 March 2023

“We are the holy flame” A review of the Goosegathering in Austria, 24-26 March 2023 We were coming together in a beautiful flow, sharing the work, diving into the space and emerging with lots of gifts…. Jila writes: "Michael  wrote in a blog in 2017: 'Flame burning Burning flame Ashes blown away Nothing left except what survives: The sacred flame' 'Recently the seminars have all seemed to me to be different. It is more & more just being together in that energy we are blessed with, ( .... )  this cosmic energy that joins me, us. So it's essentially The Passing [...]

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“The Grace Goes On” – Belgium Wonderful Wild Goose Gathering 2023

It is not a question of getting somewhere, it is a question of losing everything that prevents you from experiencing what is already in you. – Michael Barnett After our wonderful weekend last year, we are organising another Belgium wild goose gathering weekend. This time it will take place from 5-7 May 2023 at the Domein Menas, Blekkervijverstraat 20, 9880 Aalter, Belgium. www.domeinmenas.be Central to this gathering weekend is the idea of meeting each other again, in the warm and deep meditative space of a group… finding that beautiful resonance that lives between us. Menas' facilities • A meditation room [...]

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Wild Goose Summer Gathering 19-23 July 2023

Beloved Wild Geese, Finding ways to physically come together in the Energyfield is always important, but in these days of doubt and uncertainty it is essential – and a blessing. When we met at Energy World last summer, it felt clear to many that one chapter had ended and another begun. Now we continue to write this new chapter together. This month some of us will meet in Austria for a spiritual get-together, and another Goosey event will take place in Belgium in May. And of course we have our big Wild Goose Summer Gathering coming up soon! This happening [...]

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Wild Geese Coming Together Austria 2023

There is the ocean of Being, of which we’re all part, and there is the stage of life. The stage of life is connected to the ocean. In fact there are not two, there is just one. It looks like there are two, but there is just one. The sea of energy in itself is just continuous – there is no time, no change in it.               MB   A New Year, new possibilies, new energylines, new experiences and soon the wild geeese are flying again, once in spring and once in autumn, on their route to the light they [...]

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Celebrate with us at the Wild Goose Gathering 26-30 June 2022

Beloveds, We would like to give you more information about our big, juicy gathering on 26-30 June this year at Le Domaine Du Fan/Energy World. At Energy World, a place still bursting with energy from Michael’s time there, we will come together both to honour Michael and his Work, and to open up to new beginnings. This is a festival that is both a reunion and a re-birth. And we are going to have fun together too! We will offer classic Wild Goose meditations, structures and Michael videos and talks. But we will also offer workshops and activities that show [...]

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The Rescue Plan

...the Buddhist explanation is to say that the whole idea of having a self of any kind is an illusion; that there is just this happening and that happening where you are or where this person is, but there is no real self there that can incorporate all that and declare a separate self. I don't agree with that. I think that everything that has happened to us since we were born is unique...

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Building a Soul

You see, the big difference, for me, is to move away from being centred in your daily life. The big step is to move that centre of gravity, which very few people manage, and you then say, "Right, I am faced with my daily life, so from this place I enter my daily life, and I do maybe the same things I was doing before, but I am not centred in that anymore."

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