“We are the holy flame”

A review of the Goosegathering in Austria, 24-26 March 2023

We were coming together in a beautiful flow, sharing the work, diving into the space and emerging with lots of gifts….

Jila writes:
"Michael  wrote in a blog in 2017:
'Flame burning
Burning flame
Ashes blown away
Nothing left
except what survives:
The sacred flame'

'Recently the seminars have all seemed to me to be different.
It is more & more just being together in that energy we are blessed with,
( .... )  this cosmic energy that joins me, us.
So it's essentially The Passing of the Holy Flame.
Again & again.'

And so it has been: our being together in Austria.
What a joy, what a great gift from heaven.
What a beautiful sharing, what a great gift to each other.
I am so grateful to Michael and you all."

"So good it was for all of us, a meeting just at the right time, at the right place, in being together"

"It was a very intensive homecoming energy-happening, thanks to Sandipa, Anuradha, Kozan, Jila, Indro, Akali, Jason and all the other wildgeese from the wildgeese family.
Almost like in France last year."

Love, Sataranga

"Again it was a very Goosey family gathering.
A joyfull, deep, open-hearted, bonding, home-coming experience.
So much gratitude and appreciation there.
Just marvellous.
Lots of Love"


"spring gathering
we danced
we sang
some moments I was touched
and it seemed like the ice of 20 winters
started melting
in the burning fire of spring and joy

endlessly grateful
to be able to reconnect again and again
and honour the treasure and love Michael revealed to us

PS: I love you all and Geese Discos are BEST!"

"Dear Geesefamily,
Thank you so much for this intense, lightfull coming together with so much love in the One Space"


"Beloved ONEs
What a marvellous gathering, Michael's presence, the presence of the ONE consciousness so bright and strong!
And us being part of it, being ONE with it, such graciousness...
All the Love to all of you"


"Looking at the photo and all the familiar faces I am immediately back into
the feelings, the Love and Energy…
it was such a joyful time together
taking care of and carrying each other...
Lots of LOVE,"


"This group was intensive and open, it was  like a big hug for me, which let me feel „being at home” again and again. I felt carried and inspired."


"On this weekend I felt so blessed that I somehow arranged a lifetime for myself where I met Michael and my goosefamily. A life where I can make space for a spiritual journey and practise. This is a great gift from life itself. But I can also feel a responsibility coming with it. Firstly, to not waste time and really get on with the work on my path as far as I can in this life, and secondly to support the work,to share it and pass it on.
That´s probably why I have helped organising seminars for Michael for so many years and go on doing so now for the goosefield.
And what a joy to see and feel the work blossoming like it did on this Goosegathering we had in Austria. It was so strong, so deep and so light and loving and playful at the same time.
Isn´t this all wonderful?
Already looking forward to our next time
All love"


"I want to share a feeling, sensation, and picture I´ve got during one of our intensive sessions, when there was a circle within a circle within a circle….
The energy was enormous, the light in the center grew lighter and then I saw wild Geese flying up from this centre. I could not see, where they are heading to, but I realized, that they just came out of this light in the centre, the source, the portal to other, deeper dimensions.
There was a feeling of eternity, and the deep understanding of the words of Michael, we are coming out of nowhere.
So we tapped other dimensions, and the portal was the love which connected us.
And we created a field where these and many other things could happen, it happens when we meet.
With love,"


"Magical and beautiful. Incredible, timeless… words like these come to mind but can’t really describe the intensity and power of the weekend 30+ of us shared in Austria at the end of March.
It really was an astonishing happening. Everybody there was so present, so open… so together.
The place itself [Seminarzentrum Der Baum; derbaum.net], lovingly cared for by Jason, is the perfect setting for Wild Goose happenings, both energetically and physically. And Sandipa and Anuradha gently provided space and openness for all of us. But of course, it is the people that make the enchantment and the alchemy. And they did!
A sense of timelessness permeated, and many spoke of expanding boundaries, pushing back limitations - for ourselves as individuals but also externally, in the world somehow. The word “family” came up again and again, and the feeling that we are all members of the Goose family was ever present and connected us all very deeply.

We had Tuning In, Sharing talks, Bodyflow, Devotional chanting, a Healing energy session and a couple of Energywork sessions – and a disco! All the sessions were of immense power, and love flowed throughout. As somebody said afterwards, “There was deep magic in that room today!”
Outside the grouproom there was plenty of laughter, chatting and insightful discussion. Old connections were strengthened and new friendships formed – and again, love flowed everywhere.
It was a real privilege to be part of this happening - a massive Thank you from us three!
And please do invite us to partake in any happening you think we might fit in! We are eager to participate in and work with any Goosey happening!
All Love,"
Wild Geese in Flight (Indro, Akali and Kozan)