Beloved Wild Geese,

Finding ways to physically come together in the Energyfield is always important, but in these days of doubt and uncertainty it is essential – and a blessing. When we met at Energy World last summer, it felt clear to many that one chapter had ended and another begun. Now we continue to write this new chapter together.

This month some of us will meet in Austria for a spiritual get-together, and another Goosey event will take place in Belgium in May. And of course we have our big Wild Goose Summer Gathering coming up soon! This happening will take place in beautiful Odenwald, near Frankfurt, from 19 to 23 of July 2023! You can see the place, Landhaus Sonnenberg, by following this link:

The schedule at this summer happening will combine meditations and workshops with plenty of hanging-out time, providing space for both structured happenings - Bodyflow, Tuning In, and so on – as well as some spontaneous energy-lines, like sitting in silence, walking in the beautiful nature there, and chatting and laughing with friends old and new… And no doubt we will find time for a Wild Goose Energy Disco!

There is also a sauna we can use for those so inclined!

If you would like to book yourself in for this unique happening, please write to Mishka at: We will then send you further details.

Please note, it’s important that you initially book through us - partly so we can stay organised as a group, and partly because the place doesn’t want to be the initial contact for bookings.

And please do encourage all your energy friends to join us so we can create a really juicy time together!

Be well, and stay healthy!

We look forward to seeing you in July.

Much love, The WGC Planning Team