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Belgium Weekend Seminar :: A Blog

THE RIVER RUNS THROUGH YOU 29-31/3/19 I didn't really do this group. The cosmos did. I was a sort of participant too. So we didn't do together much of the usual things - no meditations, no talks whatsoever, hardly a word spoken during this time together, except for Q&A at the end; the cosmic energy filled the room throughout so what happened was an offer to all there of a continuous cosmic connection, and everybody tuned into that wonderfully well. There was just a constant flow amongst us all, session after session. All very soft, too. Indro writes: It was [...]

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... if you – anyone – identifies with the ego, then it cannot receive anything that is beyond the ego, right? And that’s what the usual situation is. Not only is the ego limited to what it can contain, but believing that the ego is who you are means that you will reject anything that may touch you from beyond the ego realm.

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This Is Your Life

What is the flavour of life before we use it in any direction, before we employ it towards something? That’s what I’m asking you, now, and that’s what I was asking myself while we were sitting for that hour – not for the first time – but for the whole hour I was tasting the fact of aliveness, allowing that to be me, without anything added afterwards that I can describe, “Ah, my life, I’m a spiritual teacher, I do this, I do seminars.” Before any such evaluation of my life, what is the taste of the source of life?

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Bremen Weekend Seminar :: A Blog

INFINITE SOULS Bremen Weekend Seminar :: A Blog 22-24/2/19 This was such a great group. Which I really enjoyed so much. A lot of that enjoyment came to me because all the people in the group were enjoying it so much! We did something very different in each session, and each time it was clear that all the members of this group got showered with sparkling wine and were radiant - and totally in it. And how they all came together! And stayed together throughout. In the breaks there was much exchange but it all sounded like one voice. An [...]

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The Royalty of Sexual Energy

'I want to talk to you about sexual energy. Perhaps you’re not the least bit interested in that subject, maybe a little curious. (laughs) ... Mostly animals have sex to reproduce and we have sex for lots of other different reasons, hopefully even not to reproduce. (laughs) It’s completely different for human beings because the sexual energy in human beings is actually not just about sex. '

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Eternal Bubbles

Question: What is true, what is real? Answer: I don’t know. I know what is real and true for me, but what is real and true for me is not the same thing that was real and true for me when I was young and what was real and true for me when I was a boy, what was real and true for me when I was a child, what was real and true for me when I was in business, working in firms and companies, and it’s not what was true for me when I was travelling, but became true for me later on in life, and that has been steady. But I cannot say that because I have a sense of what the truth is that it is the Truth, and I would imagine that the only time you’re likely to feel the truth about life is when you’re not in life anymore, then you can create a distance.

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What You Are Here For

I think it’s time for me to correct certain misunderstandings about what you’re here for. We’re not here just to give you a good time and make you feel better about yourself. We’re not here to boost your egos. We’re here, if not to take your ego away, at least to soften its impact on your life. Of course there’s a huge resistance against this in some of you and some resistance in everybody. There’s bound to be.

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Be A House Of Many Mansions

So to all women, your sexuality is part of you and belongs to you, and it’s a very precious thing. It belongs to you and not to your husband or your lover or your friends, and I’m very happy to see all over, at least in the Western world, that women are taking that step that I’m talking about and saying, “I don’t belong to you, sexually I belong to myself."

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When Everything Disappears

When you find nobody-ness then all doubt disappears, all tension disappears, all goals disappear, and instead of being just you, you are everything else around you. So you woke up as you did after the last session, some of you, as I did too, went to the precipice and looked out at the space, at the sea, at the island over there, at the beautiful plants on the edge of the precipice there, and then what happened for me, which happened also in the session, is that I was what I was looking at. I mean not as a perceiver – ...

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Gods & Prophets

But I was saying recently that somehow we will never know really about ourselves because we can never get outside ourselves to know what we actually are as human beings. Whatever way we look we are only seeing what we can see, and we can’t see the whole picture because to see the whole picture you would have to be inhuman, you would have to be beyond humanity and yet able to communicate with humanity, and that’s not possible.

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