Dear Beloveds,

In his blog after the Summer Festival, Michael wrote, “What’s next lies still in the Unknown,” and it’s from this space I have something to share with you.

Some of you noticed that, over the summer, Michael began to lose weight because he had difficulties with swallowing. Since then, it was found out that something has been growing in his Ösophagus which has already become quite big. He got some treatment here In the local hospital to make it more easy for him to eat again. This whole process has been and still is taking a lot of energy from Michael.

It became clear that it is needed and best for Michael to remain at UNACHO in order to rest and focus on his healing.

With great reluctance, he agreed that the seminars outside UNACHO in the coming months need to be cancelled.

In the past decades he has been travelling untiringly around the globe in order to bring his work and energy to people and through this enrich and enlighten the lives of thousands. Now it seems the time has come that people have to come to his headquarters in order to be with him.

Michael’s commitment to his life task to share his beautiful gifts with all of us continues, nevertheless!

As some of you have already experienced the Oneness energy Michael shares now is becoming finer, deeper, and stronger at the same time.

So out of all this we have made some alterations to our program here in UNACHO:

“Michael Hour” will replace PEP (Tuesday) and SASH (Thursday) evenings here at UNACHO in the coming weeks.

There are also plans to organize some sort of special weekend seminars here – details for those will follow soon.

“Michael Hour” is an opportunity to tune in to Michael and the Universal Space in whatever form that takes. If you wish to participate, please, as always, call ahead to reserve your cushion.

Of course there will be also the possibility for people to come to UNACHO and be in the Energy Field here around Michael. His energy can be felt stronger than ever in the house in these special times. If you wish to join us here in the Energy Field for streaming, please e-mail or call well in advance, so we can plan your stay.

I’m sure you understand that all of my own time and energies are focused on Michael’s healing, so please, rather than calling or writing to me for a personal response, put that energy into sending cards and messages to Michael.

As soon as we have concrete plans for special gatherings here, we’ll let you know and, meanwhile, we both send you lots of love.