An interview with Michael Barnett with scenes from a seminar.
- Being at One with Life Itself

I can make your spirituality real.

If you come and see me then you presumably are either curious about the spiritual path or you are already on the spiritual path and then presumably you want it to be more than an idea or a hope or a possibility.

So I can convert all those possiblities into something that is real and concrete and show you that it is not just an idea or a dream to fulfil yourself spiritually, but potentially anybody who knows how to go about it can finalise the programme and achieve enlightenment.

A significant principle in my work is the principle of resonance; I can tune in to that dimension of reality – which is the ultimate spiritual reality – of a sense, or even a certainty, that one is at one with life itself. Therefore you are with all that lives, and you get a sense of, not only a sense of Oneness but a sense that you have achieved your final destiny –  to return to that Oneness from which you came.

When one makes that connection or that union then one, in a way, vibrates in a certain way, because the whole cosmos of life is impacting on you and you are participating in it, so you are tuned in to it. Then you give off that vibration in seminars and then other people who are built just like you will begin invisibly, noticeably, possibly without them knowing, in the same way, so something in them begins to stir. So the work that continues is then working in two ways: one by the continuing resonance with me and the other is by the continuous approach that they themselves have through that part which is resonating with me inside them.

I move them from where they are to being wholly with that resonance through the energy work that I do with them. This, hopefully, brings them through all that which is distracting their essential being from being what they are, through all the things that have attracted us and pulled us away from our true nature, to bring them step by step through all that until they arrive at their pure place, their essential place – of being at one with life itself.