This interview was conducted by Devasetu during the One Spirit Festival at Freudenstadt in May 2015.

The meaning of spirituality; there is an area outside the material world and we can find it; about the term “reality”; we are not in a position of perceiving reality as it is because our limited capacity prevents us from understanding what actually is; science cannot capture reality either; intuitively we can get that there is something which mind cannot explain; our ordinary reality is based on duality of good and bad, right and wrong and so on, in emptiness, however, all differences disappear; mind judges nothingness as boring, beyond mind emptiness is absolutely fascinating; behind emptiness there is a presence which we can intuitively grasp only; the encounter with Shiva; the time with Osho at Poona and Michael’s work as therapist and energy master; the circumstances which resulted in Michael’s exclusion of the Osho Ashram and community and the reconstruction of his own work; imparting knowledge of the taste of another dimension to human beings; the last conversation with Osho; all is pervaded by energy, life and energy are identical; energy can neither be created nor destructed, but it can be transformed; about Michael’s energy work which is based on resonance; absolute bliss without a reason; lifting of energy in Michael’s seminars; healing effect of the energy to the bodies of the participants; identification separates us from the energy; in unity there is no form which we can identify with; Michael’s unity experience in Death Valley; about destiny; about happiness in a relationship.