In the Light of Love

Impressions of the 2012 Summer Festival featuring Michael moving under - or being moved by - that mysterious and invisible cosmic energy that is everywhere, but generally unknown and out of reach; showing how this energy communicates itself instantly to others who have joined him for his Summer Festival.

"Space" from the CD "Tiago" by Surrender Cowboys - Words by Michael Barnett
"In the Light of Love" with kind permission by Deva Premal & Miten

Here´s a comment from Shintai about the making of this Summer Festival Review:

The Summer Festival

Five days of melting together - not only due to the lovely summer heat.

Many hours of film material showing Stillness, Words, Dance and Energy Work - I wondered how this could be shown at its best.

Stumbled upon Deva Premal & Miten´s song "In the Light of Love". It's the live version, with the audience singing along, plus the different flute solos, the pauses, the presence of the voices, the air in the recording...

Vulnerable, fragile, slow, etheric...

Actually, I picked the music first, for those qualities, then searched for scenes to fit in, not other way ´round...

Yes, this time its a Heart Opener!

Like the loooong scene where Michael bows down, sits on his knees for a while, then gets up again...
very intimate, revealing - I don´t know of any other teacher in the world whose work is shown this way: so intense, honest and pure...

It did not seem to fit to have other aspects of the festival along (talk, wild dance or more energy work...) That´s why it´s called "Impressions of the Summer Festival"
- and not a "Review"...

What is so great about this one is that the scenes are taken from many different sessions, and yet, there´s a common flavour. The camera work is really fascinating, as it goes from one shot of Michael, to a dance, to Michael again, and so on.
There´s some really long sequences - and yet it doesn´t feel like that long...

Yes, one flow, one dance, one movement
no boundaries, an energyfield!

In the Light of Love...


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