The video material from this session (from the 2013 Summer Festival) was very intimate, with lots of close ups of Michael´s individual Energy Work. In search of suitable music to support the serene atmosphere of the scenes, we found the very fine aria “Con troppo rea vilta” from Mozart´s Oratorio “La Betulia Liberata”. Wonderful Sacred Music composed 250 years ago (but that doesn´t really matter much as all of the Work happens in the Timeless Space anyway…)

However, we found out YouTube doesn´t allow the use of classical music (to protect the orchestras that recorded the music)

So we asked our long time Wild Goose musician Domini if he maybe could compose the background track. After he had seen “The Mozart version” he immediately responded that “this is the very best MB video ever!”.
Shortly after we received his contribution which made us declare that “The Domini Version” is undoubtly the absolutely very, very best MB video ever! For you all to enjoy...