Energy Happening with Michael Barnett at the One Spirit Festival 2014

This energy event with Michael Barnett took place at the One Spirit Festival in May 2014 in Karlsruhe.

Everyone has an individual power system that resonates with activities, places or people; we can also resonate with that which includes all energy itself; opening up to the space which includes all energies; getting in contact with the cosmic energy; energy work; feel into the body; to be aware of the breath; to experience oneself attentively, with all that just is; what we are in the body here is not everything there is; between the bodies here, there is space; to examine ones own relationship with the space surrounding us; also the room itself makes contact with us; being open for the fine touch of the space; letting oneself being moved by the space, dancing with the space; be open and receptive; call attention to the hands; Music recordings; drawing energy with the hands into once own system; collecting personal energy; being in trust with the processes and trusting that we are surrounded by energy; we can combine these energies with our bodies; collecting relationship energy; healing meditation; collecting energy from the earth; exploring the space in an individual manner; following the own spontaneity in the process.

Rainbow Spirit Festival 2014 Energy Happening Rainbow Spirit Festival 2014 Energy Happening Rainbow Spirit Festival 2014 Energy Happening

Michael gave a great Introductory Talk as well at the One Spirit Festival in May 2014.

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