It was a long way there, nine and a half hours from door-to-door.

Maribo is way down in the south of Denmark, just a stone’s throw from Germany, really – or at least from the ferry there! Making it worse was a Stau of heavyweight proportions on the way out from Copenhagen airport, where a very long stretch of roadworks held us long in its grip, so we had plenty of time to chat, my very old friend Domini, who had picked me up, and I.

Maribo was a new place in Denmark for us, for me. I remember in the Eighties that I was working for quite a time every month or so in Denmark, and I must have been in 20 or more venues there in my time. Now with Varuni’s Blue Butterfly closing, we have 2 brand new places there to work in this year, the other in Copenhagen itself in October.

But it turned out to be a fine place, this one in Maribo. Grouproom – check. Clear, fresh, lots of wood, also large enough, and with windows all round and on to nature – perfect. Food – check. Very good, plus really nice accommodation, especially for myself, so…but is it too far a trip to go again?

Most of the people there were longterm Wild Geese – since decades ago! – so it was in many ways like another family gathering, just after the one here on my birthday. We had 3 brand new ladies joining, all of who were ‘in it’ in seconds – amazingly so, and all of whom got spiritual WG names at the end too – plus Domini & Vasuda’s new child, Figne, who got the African name Suci, meaning ‘the sacred’.

Great help from Tiago – who described it in her latest Hint to the OPT3 members as ‘an absolutely wonderful group’ – Nabi and Domini, with whom we recorded the latest version of the two new Wild Goose Meditations: The Energy Release Meditation – a rare happening which went down very well indeed, and the ever-popular Energy Streaming Meditation – for both of which meditations the Surrender Cowboys musicians will make music so they can both be released for the Wild Goose market…Then also, Mayadevi went up from here – and back! – she & Shintai are currently living with us here for a while before moving in autumn to their new home in Italy – in order to be chief organizer for this Danish seminar, very essential too! So many many thanks for that, Mayadevi!

The weather was a bit up on what it had just been – 12º, in June! – but the place was warm and the coolness was no drawback. And we had together many great sessions.

Returning Sunday, for a night in Copenhagen, Sadhan drove me there – fast and loose – the traffic was well down, and the roadwork stretch we covered far more quickly, so the whole trip back to the capital took about half the time going out.

So it’s booked again there for next year now. 6-8 May ’16.

To end on a private note: I had arranged to meet my Danish (half-English!) daughter at my hotel on Monday morning. She had just sat for her B.Sc – and passed well, and has been accepted too at a top University to go on in the autumn to study (Environmental Science) for her Masters. Time came – no arrival. More time passed – still no sign. So I rang here. “Hullo Daddy!’ she says, “And how was Madi’s party last night?” “Where are you?” I asked. “At home,” she replied. “But we are supposed to meet up here now!” I said. “Not until the 22nd,” she said, and then, “Oh Wow! That’s today!” So she quickly jumped on a train and came and we managed some sweet time together before I left for Zurich and home.

The ‘Madi Party’ was a celebration of his passing – well enough! – his Abitur – a party organized by the successful students at the Culture House here in Denzlingen. All his other 3 sisters came, plus of course Mishka & Abechy. They all had a wonderful time.

When I arrived in Zurich, with Mishka was daughter San Chi, who lives near Zurich and was getting a lift home. We 3 had a Kaffeeklatsch together and then Mishka and I drove home, where a second daughter, Wu-Chi, was waiting, so it was a Thai dinner in Freiburg together before she left for Berlin next day.

So a full weekend, and a bit of a rest this week – in lovely summer weather, so far, before heading for Munich next weekend. And then all the Summer Events: OPT3, OPT4, Summer Festival and the next leg of the X-Run, before our summer break by the sea…