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Prague Seminar :: A Blog

THE DIVINE STREAM PRAGUE SEMINAR :: A BLOG 1-3/3/19 Prague. Always a treat. Very receptive people. With comparative innocence too. Somewhat different this time as amongst the 45 attending there were 13 brand new people. Another feature was that, at this seminar there were more men than women, very rare in my groups, maybe so even for the first time ever... This affected the group activity, in a way I had to start from the beginning, and then move fast! Devraday, also my very good chauffeur there, wrote afterwards: The whole weekend was a direct and intensive experience of your [...]

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Bremen Weekend Seminar :: A Blog

INFINITE SOULS Bremen Weekend Seminar :: A Blog 22-24/2/19 This was such a great group. Which I really enjoyed so much. A lot of that enjoyment came to me because all the people in the group were enjoying it so much! We did something very different in each session, and each time it was clear that all the members of this group got showered with sparkling wine and were radiant - and totally in it. And how they all came together! And stayed together throughout. In the breaks there was much exchange but it all sounded like one voice. An [...]

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OPT7 The Lamplighters :: A Blog

OPT7   THE LAMPLIGHTERS THE FEBRUARY RUN :: A BLOG 6-10/2/2019 Starting off in stillness & silence, not the usual way of things at this time, but it fitted... Then came Levelling - a top 'ancient' basic meditation from the very beginning - towards the inner oneness which lies under all 'thises and thats'. Personal feedback was given to the reports from participants about that... Soon, the stand-out Mu Meditation, never missed in Trainings, the one that enlightened me (over 5 days, not one hour) back in the late Sixties...still a magic memory. Great feedbacks, OPTers clearly showing 'signs of awakening'... [...]

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WOSP :: A Blog

THE WONDER OF SILENCE & PRESENCE (WOSP) A BLOG 24-27/1/2019 Zigra writes: This WOSP is very different from the previous 3 or 4 in which I participated. And so it was. It was more active, more in-the-room explorations, some of them built around 'the Michael Walk' (for the uninitiated - staying with yourself without aim or purpose, any movement coming then only by itself), both in the whole room, then within smaller groups too... One highlight - a long session of sitting followed by a short strong talk on it. The title: This Is Your Life. In his note, afterwards, [...]

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Winter Festival :: A Blog

THE KISS OF NEW LIFE WINTER FESTIVAL :: A BLOG 27/12/18 - 1/1/19 So again we were in Sampurna, where again we were more than welcomed - celebrated, really. They enjoy us there, they love us there, the 2 owners, the team there too. So that's an extra, on top of its general suitability - though the beautiful 'roof' grouproom was a bit tight for 78 people - with its eaves, its sloping side-ceilings, plus a corridor all the way down for me to access everybody. Anyway, we managed, though it was particularly difficult for the 'catchers' (Akali, Mishka & [...]

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Trees & Rivers Part III :: A Blog

TREES & RIVERS 3RD LEG :: A Blog 13-16/12/2018 We were in Stiersbach, for the first time for 11 years (so someone said). Fortunately there are new owners - Wolfgang & Anya - who were helpful & charming and very friendly too. So for a start, that was 'new'! But then everything in this Meeting was new, from the very beginning. The teachings were mostly through words, but words that penetrated the participants, that led to many exchanges with them, and also to new kinds of explorations. Many people remarked about this - it's all new! new! new! Sadhan writes: [...]

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Enlightenment Circle :: A Blog

ENLIGHTENMENT CIRCLE :: A BLOG 22-25/11/18 A feature of this year's EC was that Mishka joined it! She also helped when necessary - which made Vasra happy: he could just go along with everything within himself, without having to keep one eye open, to save people from bumps and scratches - at certain times... With both of our boys now into their own lives, Mishka feels like this now-time is a new beginning for her, a new freedom and independence in her life, and this step into joining the EC was maybe the first of many... Whilst 'with the family' [...]

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Berlin Seminar :: A Blog

UNCORKING THE ENERGY CHAMPAGNE Berlin Seminar :: A Blog 16-18/11/18 Once again, a title given to a seminar many months earlier, proves to be exactly right at the time. Time being an illusion - on one level (that I'm also on!) - this is not so very surprising... For my entire stay in this great city, both in the group and outside, I felt like that - a kind of human bottle of champagne - which was flowing through me from earth to sky continuously and was bottomless... So being present there in the seminar room, with the other 42 [...]

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Leuven Seminar :: A Blog

BUZZING-UP INTO GLORY SEMINAR IN LEUVEN, BELGIUM :: A BLOG 1-4/11/18 It was full, and it stayed full, got fuller & fuller. We were more than 80, including a dozen newcomers, who slowly and gently slipped into the Wild Goose Energy space - and then... One writes, afterwards: I was utterly overwhelmed by the gathering in Belgium last weekend. The first day was a bit hesistant but as soon as I threw myself in, I could feel the energy and the vibe of the whole event. Rarely have I met so many warm and gentle people in a single place. [...]

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Trees & Rivers, Part II :: A Blog

TREES & RIVERS, Part II :: A BLOG 25/28/18 It was a great joy, throughout. For me. For all, clearly. Andarina, in the car, when she drove me to my train home from Cologne, said: It was really outstanding. And so it was. Extra so! Naturally with 37 senior WG people the energy was strong and high, and deep. But in addition there were several totally new themes. Seeing that in life there are no gaps, that waiting (for something else) is missing out. Once, sitting for quite a while, some were 'waiting' - for something to happen. But there [...]

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