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Leuven Seminar :: A Blog

BUZZING-UP INTO GLORY SEMINAR IN LEUVEN, BELGIUM :: A BLOG 1-4/11/18 It was full, and it stayed full, got fuller & fuller. We were more than 80, including a dozen newcomers, who slowly and gently slipped into the Wild Goose Energy space - and then... One writes, afterwards: I was utterly overwhelmed by the gathering in Belgium last weekend. The first day was a bit hesistant but as soon as I threw myself in, I could feel the energy and the vibe of the whole event. Rarely have I met so many warm and gentle people in a single place. [...]

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Trees & Rivers, Part II :: A Blog

TREES & RIVERS, Part II :: A BLOG 25/28/18 It was a great joy, throughout. For me. For all, clearly. Andarina, in the car, when she drove me to my train home from Cologne, said: It was really outstanding. And so it was. Extra so! Naturally with 37 senior WG people the energy was strong and high, and deep. But in addition there were several totally new themes. Seeing that in life there are no gaps, that waiting (for something else) is missing out. Once, sitting for quite a while, some were 'waiting' - for something to happen. But there [...]

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Milan & Copenhagen :: A Two-Fold Blog

MILAN & COPENHAGEN :: A Two-Fold Blog Milan :: Beyond The Horizon 5-7/10/18 My very first time there, at the instigation of Sasini, and so now there's a 2nd venue for us in Italy, along with Porto Venere. So not a big crowd, 18 , a mixture of longtime regulars, more recent WG members and half a dozen people completely new to us. It was a sweet grouproom - and we (Mishka & I) stayed in a hotel which too was sweet, Japanese style, and there were good Italian meals in the evenings too. It was Sasini's first shot as [...]

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Kiev Seminar :: A Blog

A DANCE OF ALL WITH THEE Kiev Seminar :: A Blog                                                                                                                                              21-24/9/18 Kiev is fast becoming a sub-centre for The Wild Goose Company! Apart from my regular appearances, at least once a year, since around 25 years, separate seminars, well attended, are given by Tiago, Abava, Nabi - and now the latest, Dance & Energy Workshops with Mishka. In addition the Energyfield there is strong, with many close connections between them all year round. Then, on top of that, and though the national economy, and that for most citizens, is low, still they manage to get themselves over here [...]

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Hamburg Seminar :: A Blog

AN EARTH-FLYERS PARTY HAMBURG :: A BLOG 14-16/9/18 Shabi (Suna) who was there from Austria writes: What a wonderful intensive seminar, I feel so grateful that I could be again in this loving and healing energy, space pulsating, radiating, flowing - and I am still floating on this wave. My heart was singing all the time, opening more and more for all these treasures. I can feel the sun and the moon in my new name, it is really good and I say a big DANKE! to you with all my heart. It is so amazing! that you go on [...]

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Detrapping :: A Blog

A JOSHA-DETRAPPING, AT HOME :: A Blog 6-9/9/18 Up to now these annual Detrappings have taken place at Josha's Centre in France, near Toulouse, but due to some fault by the builders, at the time of construction, a local law was unhappily broken, leading to a ban on any purposeful activity there until it is all sorted out, hopefully before too long... So the seminar was switched to here, at UNACHO. As is known, the participants at these seminars are all business people, many very successful in their field. So the Work I do with them is to free each [...]

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OneLife Personal Training 7 :: A Blog

THE LAMPLIGHTERS OPT 7, Part II :: A Blog 31/7 - 5/8  2018 This is a report I received on it from Abava: We all felt, and you remarked on how the training started at the SF where the ground work was laid and the energy from that was brought back to UNACHO. Those who were not at the SF, and those who jumped later, were quickly welcomed in and immersed in it, and supported by it. After introductions and practical matters, the first meditation we did was the 3 Levels, but what really got things going was the deep [...]

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Summer Festival :: A Blog

LIFT UP YOUR HEARTS Summer Festival :: A Blog 25-29/7/18 We were eighty, and in one session, with added guests from Parimal, just short of a hundred. Not much free space there, in the room, but we didn't need it. Longterm WG Indro, now on OPT7, writes: This was the most intense group ever, for me. With uncountable precious moments. So much Love & Joy. What a big present. I feel totally blessed. With my infinite thankfulness. Love Indro I guess that's about the size of it - for those who were there. Even Aramani, a resident of Parimal, and [...]

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OneLife Personal Training 6 :: A Blog

WHEN THE HEART SMILES ONE LIFE PERSONAL TRAINING 6 (OPT6) :: A Blog JULY 2017-JULY 2018 This final Meeting of OPT6 contained all the ways I've worked in seminars from the very beginning. Including Zen-Hit Encounter, for a few lucky guys! For all that, I had to 'take over' most of the sessions! I'm told I did 15 sessions (plus SASH and PEP), whilst the teaching team did just 7 between them. I guess I got carried away by the energy provoked and lived by the participants during these 7 days...they were magnificent in their availability, and in their transformations... [...]

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Vienna Seminar :: A Blog

WEEKEND SEMINAR IN VIENNA 'VIENNA' :: A Blog 6-8/7/18 It was pretty nonstop. Arrived Friday early afternoon, then to the hotel where my hosts Anuradha & Sandipa were also staying, some lunch together prepared by Sandipa, there in the room, then 'a WC watch', our first: France v Uruguay, also there in the room, then to the group place, same as last time, Shambala, an active centre in many ways, a lot of people offering different kinds of seminar work there, so the place is geared up for that, and is quite close to the city centre... For the first [...]

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