SUNDAY 9/6/19

My 22nd or so.

After years in Baden-Baden, then shortly in Munich and then Karlsruhe, this annual festival now takes place in Freudenstadt, up the A5 and then a long winding road up into the Black Forest, with a spectacular view from the top, and then down a bit to the town itself. Mishka with me, and in another car, Vasra & Simitra, to set up the equipment and to help and support in various ways.

Busier this year than in the last few years. Which naturally pleased the creator and organizer of this event, Mariam, with whom we spent time around our 2 events. He and his lady Teresa, now close friends of ours over the many years...

Many people trying out many different events on offer.

First, for me, a talk: You Are The World, to about 100 people - for around 80 mins, including a couple of questions at the end. All about the Space Beyond, and how to access it. A few familiar faces from the past, otherwise all unknown to me. Maybe of course some there from past years, but then not exactly recognizable! Boaz translating, having, with Kali, spent the previous days with us at home, over my birthday on 7/6.

Hardly, for me, these days, a regular situation. Where, in them all, to talk to? To reach them within? Well, it came, but very different from talks in my seminars to open, knowing people. But we held them there, till near the end, when some shuffling off began...

Not long after, it was time, in the bigger Osho Room there, for my Energy Happening: 40 or so people - for this event people coming have to pay a little, which always keeps the numbers down, as people there feel they've paid an entrance fee covering all, but anyway, the room was pretty full for this personal showdown...

Another short talk, as an introduction to what was to follow, and then we were off, with music, for that number of individual sessions, all of which landed them - though almost all new - in new spaces on the floor...

No one then, turned out to be a stranger. Each person I went to - and I went to all - became familiar and even 'known' to me. There each one was, outside me, and then inside me and I in them. No misses. A wonderful experience. A universal one.

It really worked well.

Altogether there, it was a tough assignment. But delivery, from the cosmos, certainly happened. With many blessings from the Beyond. Afterwards, driving home, I felt simply terrific.

Near home, Mishka and I stopped at a country Thai restaurant which we know well and had dinner in the open courtyard there. Packed! Waited long for our dinner, but great it was when it came.

It was just great to see and experience the response to the challenging unfamiliarity of this situation. As in the John David situation near Cologne recently, something unfamiliar to me, with little or no immediate resonance, gave me an expansion beyond the usual. My body and soul enjoyed that, celebrated that. Left me singing. Still!

With LOVE! Michael