What to discover there? That all things are not what they seem. That all things reflect true being, behind the scenes - a cosmic play of energy in every cell of life, including your own.

A dance. And you are the dance.

That - above - is what I wrote, for this seminar, months before. And once again it was how it was.

Friday, the town was full. Packed with women. All over Switzerland they were demonstrating, and they arrived from all around Solothurn to participate in this national happening there, & to make their protests clear: Equal Pay, More Time Off, & More Respect.

Meanwhile we fired off on Friday evening at 19.00, parallel but 'elsewhere'. Exploring 'the cosmic interior'. Where even I made great discoveries, one being that the cosmos is in and behind everything. Always and for ever. And actually...

So from this came this talk: LIFE BEYOND LIFE IN LIFE. 2 other talks: IS EVERYTHING ALRIGHT? (which became an exchange with the people in the group), and CHOOSING E (E = MC/2, I CHOOSE E), and then Q&A: DANCING WITH THE MASTERS. There you are. When words are like they were there & then in these talks, then they are (as was certainly the case) also Energy Happenings - just as well as the ones that were more obviously so...

Walking the 250 metres or so from hotel to the group place on Sunday lunchtime, with Teresca, we met in that short walk 2 people whom I knew, or who knew me - one a guy on a bike who stopped and stared at me, then said, "We've met before." Turned out he was on a group with me in Berlin a while back. The other was the very sweet and helpful lady from the group place who took care of us there, also at the dinner the evening before, where we had all eaten together. She said that she had seen the EDs on the t-shirts displayed there for group sale and that looking at them, she had immediately got goose pimples all over. Where had these drawings come from? I told her that they had come from 'somewhere else' - and that her goose pimples came from the same place...

Later Teresca spoke with her again - she was very intrigued and also 'caught' by us - and then she guessed my age - as being 'in the Fifties'! Well, not quite! But thanks!

We had a new person, a man, a carpenter, who had been in my short session(s) in Freudenstadt, and had there been so intrigued that he motored down to Solothurn to join my next seminar there, and now he is part of the Energyfield. Around a dozen of the participants have been meeting up with me in der Schweiz for the last 20 years or more, including Barusa, who was my carer and more for years in the past. And Dana who in the past for some years had organized my Swiss groups too, after a 35 years relationship with me and 'the Work'.

Teresca organized everything this time again, took care of me also in many ways and did the translations of my 4 talks there into Deutsch too. Her partner, Ojo, who is from the Czech Republic, and who arrived back Friday evening from a conference in California, was straight into taking care of many things there in the seminar, too. The Swiss are my 'sort of' cousins, a country close to my heart, having lived there - in Zurich - several times, got married to Mishka there, have a daughter, son and grandson all now living there, and 4 of my children, and my grandson, were all born there, so quite some affiliation!

Barusa writes: It has been indescribably beautiful these days with you. Thank you so much for coming!!! in spite of the small number of people...(shame on us swissies...) Being in your presence is...touching the sky, flying like an eagle in the wide open space, fullness, richness, silence, deep vibration from within and outside, rushes of chicken (goose) skin, such exquisite joy, streaming energy and so much beauty and deep love. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! and wonderful talks. And sitting next to you at the words for it. I can't really describe with words what this weekend with you gave me, since it is too big for words but I feel so reich beschenkt (enriched) on all possible levels and just so thankful for the day I have met you and your unique work!

Bernadetto, WG since 1993 - and she always comes! - writes this: At the seminar, you said you never get into the lives of your students, but if someone wishes and is committed to the spiritual path and also decides for it, you give support and direction. I am on the inside letting go of everything, including the home, my friend and my children, I know, I did not come to earth to live comfortably, I also know that this year is dedicated to my health and regeneration and next year my 'second' life for which I really came. Everything seems to be ready and it will come like that, I guess, with or without your help. But a friend on the way, better a master, what more could you ask for, what a blessing for those who want to realise this and really accept the offer, like me. Maybe everything is predetermined, I believe it and I'm happy. Thank you for your presence, your friendship and your love.

In parallel with this Swiss visit, Mishka was in Kiev for a Dance-Energy workshop there - for 20 people, and very successful and well-appreciated it was too. She was taken care of beautifully and consistently by Sarvasati, staying alone in her lovely apartment, then there was also on Saturday night a group party, by the river, Mishka showed me lots of pics from that evening, everybody happy, everyone celebrating, so all the others there kept close to her too and she was celebrated by many, not only in group time.

Sarvasati also drove Mishka on Monday, after the end of the group, an hour out of town to meet up with Saranda, who is very ill, very weak from her long illness, and Mishka stayed with this very dear to us and lovely lady for five hours. Temperatures there were consistently in the thirties...

Going to Kiev, for us all who do, is always a delight and all-embracing.

In a day or two many of my close friends and students (40+) arrive here for the last leg of Trees & Rivers, my current 'seniors' course. May the weather here hold throughout! Then into July it's Vienna, followed before long by the last leg of OPT7. Then it's the Summer Festival - again in Parimal - and the new OPT8.

May we all get stronger in our relationship with the cosmic energy, which brings such rewards - space, simplicity, openness, love & light.

LOVE! Michael