Beloved Wild Geese,

We want to share with you some of the wonderful feedback we have received about the beautiful Wild Goose summer happening, Continuing the Journey, we had in Germany last month.

It is a tale of joy and bliss, of meeting in High Places to continue the Journey together. It’s a real love story! We also share information on some upcoming events.

“My God what a time we had….
Everybody immersed in the Beyond space throughout.
We as a team melted into one pure channel for the cosmic light to come through.
It reached into the depth of the cells in each body present, letting them light up, refreshed.
A melting together happened, and we were taken out of time into no-time…

“The Gods smiled and the angels were singing. We were embraced.
My heart is full of gratitude to Michael and our Sangha.

“What transpires in the grouproom during the sessions is always magical, always… divine.

But what struck me during this Happening was the rest of the time we spent together. As I walked around the place between sessions, in the evenings, I was so struck by the love and sincerity that was everywhere. Faces full of joy, smiles and laughter all over. A sense of family was always present. It was astonishing!

And I thought, “Are these beautiful beings the same creatures that are destroying our beautiful world, that are always hurting each other? Surely this is the true Way of Human Beings!” And it is – at least for me.
So whenever we can, let’s approach the world - not just to our friends and family, but everyone - from that place. Let us show sensitivity and respect, kindness and patience. And love. Always love. Kozan”

“I experienced intense states of being from the deepest sadness, through healing, up to Bliss. As a result, a huge Joy filled me, which still vibrates in me today.
And again and again, my immense gratitude to Michael who showed us the way and enabled us to continue the journey.

“Michael was weaving the energy net for us again and again – and again.
Now we can walk on this foundation, we can trust that it is there, always, for each one of us, but especially so and much stronger when me meet. And from there we can fly…
into a space so deep, so strong, so healing, so full of compassion and love.
these days were full of wonders, and my heart is full with deep gratefulness and joy and love.
endless gratitude to Michael who showed us how to walk the way and brought us all together,
and also to all of us meeting, that’s how we can honour and live the heritage and continue the journey…
in love, Sandipa”

“We sat down – 40-odd old geese somewhere in Germany – and immediately the space was there – as deep and as strong as in ANY of the many groups I’ve done with Michael.
And so it continued – one beautiful session after another – so much love, such beauty – you couldn’t tell that Michael was not there – and maybe he was.
Much love, Om”

“What a fantastic summer group, a perfect reunion: we moved into and formed together a Love-space, so gentle, and strong at the same time. Strong, shining Geese in all the colours of the rainbow creating a wonderful and brilliant and healing enegryfield.
There is wonder in the air when we meet, so many helpful energies touched us, so much healing could happen.
A real Love story!!!
All my love Anuradha”

“We followed Michael's teaching: ‘From now on you have to be your own master.’
In the daily Tuning-Ins, some in white some in colour, we reached the top of the mountain.
An unforgettable happening, so precious.
Much Love to all of you, Supora”

"This moment we all created together, this space and Sangha we met in, this is a real love story indeed.
It seems that there's a deep longing for this in our field and that we're finding forms and ways to continue our journey together, hopefully sharing it with more and more people.

In gratitude and love, Akali"

With every gathering, it seems the space we create together gets stronger.
The love grows. The joy soars higher. As the journey continues, we all grow towards the Light. For sure.

As many mentioned in their feedback, our Wild Goose happenings are few and far between.
We will hold the 2024 Summer Wild Goose Event at the same place  - the dates are: 31 July - 4 August 2024..
But we have some Goosey seminars to look forward to before then!

The seminar in Austria in September is now fully booked, but the good news is the next one is happening next Spring, 4-7 April (contact Sandipa:

Also, Wild Geese in Flight (Indro, Akali and Kozan) are looking at possible upcoming seminars in Belgium/Holland (contact Jila and Galaya: and Denmark (contact Om: Let us know if you’re interested!

In fact, if you feel like having a visit from us to do a weekend seminar in your area, let us know – maybe we can organise something together! (contact Kozan:

Wishing you ongoing bliss and a continuing journey.

Much Love, Akali, Kozan, Mishka, Sandipa, Anuradha

photos by Sataranga, Caromax