There is the ocean of Being, of which we’re all part, and there is the stage of life.

The stage of life is connected to the ocean. In fact there are not two, there is just one.

It looks like there are two, but there is just one.

The sea of energy in itself is just continuous –

there is no time, no change in it.


A New Year, new possibilies, new energylines, new experiences and soon the wild geeese are flying again,

once in spring and once in autumn, on their route to the light they will land again in Austria at a wonderful place of one of us,

so that we can meet and share and dive deep into the energyspace, that is guiding and nourishing us,

letting us now that we are all connected, with each other and with ALL there is,

and accompagnied by Michael´s love and presence it is a place full of healing and full of light

we will spend the weekend again with meditations, music, silence…

enjoying the surroundings of the place, and time with one another…..

come and join us :

24th-26th of March2023

8th-10th of September 2023


Das Seminarzentrum Der Baum
Am Inslingbach 17, 4565 Inzersdorf im Kremstal
Tel: 0043 7582 / 81331

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