The Wind Laughs At You

This Energy is actually beyond human life,
although it can be included in human life.
In a way, it is playful. It´s not serious.

Like the Wind
that blows peoples skirts up
and knocks their hats off...
takes their umbrellas up into the sky
and laughs...

You can hear the wind laughing...

Beloved Energy Field
Another year has passed and Michael’s birthday is here again.

This special day offers the opportunity to connect with the timeless space which he has brought to us, showered over us and feel the immense gratitude for all the gifts he has presented us with. Tune in to each other, our wonderful Energy Field which has been growing bigger and bigger over the years of his tireless teaching activity. Be sure his essence will be strongly with us.

This I have just experienced recently while accompanying Priya - the ones amongst you from the Villa and Energy World times will remember her well - went on to the other shore on the 17th of May. During those days of her transition quite some people from our Field came to `say goodbye` and even if we haven’t seen each other for decades the deep connection & love we share was immediately and strongly to be felt then. A safe magical space was created where she could fall into and which helped her to let go more and more. And even for people outside our circles it was tangible while being in this special delicate space when the boundaries of the normal material world are taken away and the timeless is strongly present.

The Coming Wild Goose Gathering
At the end of this month we will gather in Le Domaine du Fan to celebrate the timeless connection between us and the space beyond, plus of course to express our gratitude and love for Michael’s life and work. There will be a colourful program with different offerings from Wild Goose Meditations and structures, to Michael Talks and videos as well as workshops and activities that show how Michael’s core work has evolved into a wide range of forms and styles.
Would be so lovely to see you there.
Read more about the Celebration June 26th - 30th

I would like to end with sharing a short video clip from a casual meeting with Michael during a coffee break at The Blue Butterfly in Denmark, back in 2013.
Another little pearl for us to dive into Michael’s wonderful Work & Presence.

Much LOVE to You All